My Tips for Surviving the Festive Period in a Call Centre

Can you believe that this is my first Christmas not working in a call centre since I left school?! I stayed in the same job for five years and although I did love my job, the festive period rolling round has reminded me how grateful I am not working there at this time of year.

For the particular call centre I worked in the festive period was our busiest time and we were only closed Christmas day and New Years Day meaning there was a hell of a lot of calls to be handled. This wasn’t a bad thing but could be very stressful so I decided to provide my tis and tricks to get through the endless calls without throwing in the towel.

Tip Number One – Take a breather. You can’t give the person on the other end of the phone good service if you have just dealt with an awful call and are still reeling. People can be very rude over the phone but remember, they don’t know you, or really mean to aim it at you. Take a breath, maybe get a drink and remember that Christmas Day is just around the corner.

Tip Number Two – Don’t overwork yourself. It is easy to sign up to overtime and just think of the money but what about your health? I used to do a lot of overtime because I wanted the money but at the end of the day it just wasn’t worth it. I’m not saying don’t do any but remember to take care of yourself whilst you do it. There is more to life than work.

Tip Number Three – Take paracetamol. Oh and drink plenty of water. Just thinking of last December gives me a headache because it is that harsh dealing with 70+ customers a day. Keeping hydrated and having paracetamol by your side in case you feel a slight niggle means that if you do start to get run down, it wont slow you down. Trust me, speaking to customers, especially ones who aren’t too happy is 10x harder with a headache.

Tip Number Four – Have a laugh. Wish customers a happy Christmas, smile at your colleagues and throw yourself into the festivities. It’s the easiest way to keep your motivation. Work is important and getting your head down is imperative but have a laugh once in a while. You won’t feel as drained.

Tip Number Five. My final tip. If you get to the end of it and remember that this isn’t where your career journey was intended to go then refocus. I think everyone should work in a call centre for a year or two to give them and insight into customer service and because it would stop people being so blooming rude on the phone. I am forever grateful for my call centre experience but it was never where I wanted to stay and a lot of people feel the same way.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, whatever job role you are in. I would love to hear from you guys to hear what you work as and possible how it affects your work.

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