Do 2in1’s Ever Work? The Benefit Lipstick

The Benefit lipstick did pique my interest but not enough to buy it. First of all I didn’t know it existed until I read a mediocre review by which point I wasn’t exactly shaking with excitement to order it but when my boyfriend came home the a month or so ago with a copy of ELLE (along with Good Housekeeping, he’s a keeper) I immediately thought ‘I need to do a post on this’. I received the nude shade that was on offer and to be honest I am glad because nude is my go-to shade when doing my make up.

The idea behind the new They’re Real! Double the Lip is that it is both a lip liner and lipstick in one, the colours are different to give the effect that your lips are bigger. It’s a marvellous idea but I don’t think it’s actually possible to execute it correctly because it doesn’t work well.

The packaging is boring and that makes me sad. The one I got was a flat grey colour but looking at the website it seems the full size one is metallic which is a bit better, not much though. With brands such as Benefit, they have such a good reputation with aesthetically pleasing packaging but this does not live up to that name. It’s not ugly, just not dressing table worthy.

The formula itself was great if you prefer a more sheer look. As a fan of liquid lipsticks, I love pigment so for me this isn’t ideal, you can see the colour but it’s more subtle than I would like. It reminds me more of a balm which is fine because I can wear it to work but it’s never going to be a favourite.

To use it, well it just isn’t fun. As a make up lover we all know how you quickly slap a top up of lipstick on but imagine having to line up your lip line exactly, to think of it makes me tired. It’s too much effort and I am a lazy gal. To the back of the pile you go.

The product itself is £16.50 which is pretty line with high end prices and they do have a pretty varied shade range within the usual parameters. I expected more but it seems like a gimmick. It does say that it is a bestseller on the website so obviously it is a popular item. it’s just not for me. Sorry Benefit, I still love ya.

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