Urban Decay’s Troublemaker

Oooooh, Troublemaker. Everytime I pick up this mascara I smile, for so many reasons. I got this mascara at the start of last month and I can’t lie, when the product launch happened I was itching to try it but my bank balance was not accepting my pleas. I plodded along with dismay until my wonderful boyfriend picked it up for me when we were in London. We were looking in Debenhams after a day of roaming and I said I wanted to have a look (completely downplaying my interest) and he just went off and bought me it. Such a sweetheart.

Now I am a very happy girl with long beautiful lashes. I honestly feel that this tops my Dior Iconic Overcurl which has been my ride or die for two and a half years now because I couldn’t find a better one. Until now.

The product claims to be sexproof and I think the way it has been marketed by Urban Decay was perfect because so many people were interested (including myself). It’s £19.50 to buy from Urban Decay and obviously I think it’s well worth it. I don’t usually like plastic brushes but this formula beats everything. It’s blacker than black which I love in a mascara, elongates well and manages to curl my disgustingly straight lashes and HOLD THEM THERE, which according to most mascaras is blooming impossible. I can’t pinpoint why I like it as much as I do apart from the fact that it does what it says on the tin. It does everything I need and it doesn’t take 16 coats to do so.

I have to say, I am picky with a mascara so for any mascara to get the seal of approval from me is rare but I really do think it’s wonderous. I would recommend this to anyone and wouldn’t be without it now. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay and wouldn’t have expected less in all honesty.

Well done Urban Decay, you smashed it.

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