Winter Skincare Must Haves

Everyone knows that Winter can cause havoc on your skin. Drying it out, harsh winds on your face and ALL the effects that pesky heating has. In all honesty, drinking and rich foods can cause havoc without all of the other factors so basically we are doomed. I have been gathering together a team of winter skincare must haves to help keep bad skin at bay.

The first item in my arsenal is facial oil. Obviously finding one that doesn’t break you out is important but honestly, don’t be scared of facial oils. They give your skin so much life and I find that my skin suffers so much without it. Even in the summer. Using oil after your moisturiser helps to locks in the moisture for you so that you don’t lose the important ingredients. Slathering oil all over your face can seem counter productive but a lot of people find it is a valuable part to their skincare routine. At this time of your skin needs all the protections it can get.

Toner is important to rebalance your skin’s PH, I didn’t know this for the longest time (bad blogger) but now I do it makes the world of sense. Toner helps with any breakouts and I am sure it helps with oil control for me. I find when I use it my T-zone and the rest of my face act as one rather than my T-zone being an oil production factory and the rest of my face screaming for moisture. Toner is fab, use it.

Thick moisturiser such as Astral again just keep your skin crazy hydrated. I can’t stress this enough but hydration is key, drink water (or wine) and keep slathering your skin with the good stuff.

Finally Hyaluronic Acid is a great ingredient to look out for. It is known in the skincare world for it’s marvellous hydrating properties. I adore my hyaluronic acid spray, and anything with the it on the ingredient list. You can get a hyaluronic serum from The Ordinary or you can get a spray like mine for hydration bursts throughout the day.

Although I get that these tips aren’t mind blowing or ground breaking some people forget the importance so I wish you a good skin season, for you to slay the Christmas parties and have flawless skin pics for Instagram.

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