November Favourites

November has been a whole mix of abnormally warm and bloody chilly. I can wake up one morning to frost on the floor and then the next day I can walk to the shop without a coat. In all honesty, I think if it doesn’t snow this year at Christmas then I am going to need to consider relocating to Iceland (no, not the shop).

I have been buying Christmas sandwiches since I saw them in the shop because I am obsessed with Christmas food. Mulled wine, Christmas pudding, turkey, EVEN brussels! I am obsessed. M&S do an amazing Christmas Pudding and I had the most wonderful time tucking into one the other week. Along with that, the cheeseboard has been in full force. I cannot count the amount of times that Max and I have enjoyed cheese and crackers in the past month.

Lipbalm has been my saviour recently, I am sure I said this in my last favourites but I really, couldn’t live without it. I use the Caudalie Lip Conditioner at night and my trust Burt’s Bees during the day. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone can live without lip balm at this time of the year.

Pink bought out a new album recently and I could not stop playing it in November. I have always been a Pink fan so I got really excited when Spotify told me she had released a new album and rightly so. Banger. I particularly enjoy Beautiful Trauma, Better Life and Revenge. On a music note, I have also fallen in love with NF’s album Perception and Eminem’s new song with Beyonce. Go take a listen, you will not regret it.

Finally, as I am wearing make up most day’s to work I have rediscovered my love for MAC Pro Longwear Foundation. It provides just the right amount of coverage for a work foundation, is long-lasting and thankfully, matching my paler than pale skin tone at the moment. Winning. I went off this one a while ago because I want a full coverage if I am bothering to do my make up out of work and I never used to wear make up to my previous job but now I am finding some work faves. Work faves have to be a balance of affordable and good at what they do without looking too crazy so that’s been a whole new experience. Let me know if you would like to see a post on this and I will do a collection of my current faves.

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