If We Were Having Green Tea: November 2017

Well first of all, If we were having green tea I would be having mulled wine because ‘tis the season to be jolly. In all honesty if I was a daytime thing I would have asked for us to go to Costa so I can have a Hot Spiced Apple, they aren’t as good as the deceased Starbucks Mulled Grape BUT they are pretty good. It’s been two years but I miss Mulled Grape, boo you Starbucks.

If we were catching up I would tell you that the Christmas tree has been chosen, most of the presents are wrapped and I am very ready for 2 weeks off work to enjoy the festivities. I literally need to order the last of the presents, put the decs up and I will be ready for a world of festivity.

If we were having green tea, I would be exclaiming over how fast November went by. It honestly felt like I blinked and now we are in December. November was a fabulous month, full of happy singing, festive events and generally having a great time.

If we were having green tea I would ask if you are doing Blogmas? I planned on doing so but it is just so time consuming. We have decided to stay at home for Christmas which wrote off two of my posts and I don’t have the energy to brainstorm any more right now. I  think I will just post when I want, it is my blog after all.

If we were having green tea, by the time we had finished chatting I would be several mulled wines down (it’s just too good) and probably uncontrollably babbling to you at this point, ’tis the season to be jolly ‘n’ all (Yes I know it’s the second time I said that but I can’t get over the fact that it’s Christmas soon).

If we were having green tea I would be telling you that the shopping is done, the cards are sent and the shopping is reserved. I love being organised and this year is no different. Have you got Christmas all organised?

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