Why I Love Autumn

I think you guess have guessed how much I love this time of year already, in fact I wrote a post last year with the LONGEST post title ever, but it’s a new year so more reasons to love autumn can be published.

I love how aesthetically pleasing this season is. The leaves turning golden is one of my favourite things to watch and every morning driving past the same trees watching the go from green to a brilliant golden yellow hue. Last year we when we visited Cattow’s Farm we got some amazing pictures taken of my sister playing in the leaves and because they are an intense yellow golden colour it literally makes you think of autumn as soon as you see them, falling leaves really are the signature of autumn aren’t they.

Something about the misty morning I cannot get enough of, I realise I am lucky enough to drive so I don’t have to walk anywhere in the cold so I just get to watch the beautiful misty mornings go by on my drive to work but I do feel ever so lucky because we live in such a beautiful world. I love waking up on a Saturday and looking out to a misty morning thinking about how fab it is I don’t have to leave the house also. I just love how scenic it looks.

You all know how much I love my mulled wine, I literally challenge you to find something better than walking around a Christmas market with a mulled wine to warm up your hands (and your stomach), there is literally NOTHING better. Getting into the office after your morning commute and warming up with a green tea, it’s such an amazing feeling. Hot drinks and warm hands are a match made in heaven.

Another thing I absolutely adore about this time of year is the home cooked food. I love roast dinners all year round but when it comes to winter we get to have stews, cottage pie, loads of stuff with mash potato dolloped on the side, basically anything hot that takes more than an hour to cook and preferably smothered in gravy is right up my street so I am in my element food wise for the colder months. GIVE ME ALL THE CARBS!

Obviously this isn’t the final think I love about winter BUT sadly I can’t go on all day so I limited myself to five things and I don’t think I could have limited myself without talking about this one so, who doesn’t love knitwear. It hides all of my sins from the carbs I have been gorging on, keeps my warm and toast AND is soft as hell on my skin, could you ask for more from a clothing item? I think not. No one can ever have too much knitwear and in the future I am DETERMINED to get off my bum and learn how to knit because how cool is that skill! All my knitting honeys, I applaud you!

What do you adore about this season?

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