Makeup Sponge Wars

I can’t lie, this time last year I had tried a couple of cheaper make up sponges hated them and was absolutely not willing to spend money on the expensive ones because I was sure I wouldn’t like them. How wrong was I? Fast forward to the start of this year, I purchased the original Beauty Blender and long story short, I fell in love. I was convinced that it must be magically to do with the fact that it was the real, original Beauty Blender and couldn’t imagine buying any other brand because the cheaper brands I had used were, well crap. That was until my lovely boyfriend treated me to the EcoTools beauty sponge duo and I immediately thought of this blog post because who doesn’t want to hear of a comparison?

First of all there is a glaring difference in the fact that with the EcoTools pack you get two sponges however for me it didn’t really make a difference because I don’t use the smaller sponge because I find it too hard and it hurts my face. The EcoTools large sponge is bigger than the Beauty Blender, gives a slightly dewier finish and has a fantastic edge for getting right in there for places such as your under eye. It comes in a beautiful green shade which holds up really well against foundation/concealer stains. The sponge was robust and didn’t show any signs of wear and tear for the three months I used it. The pack was £11.99 and I felt that it was really worth the price tag.

The Beauty Blender for me was a real turning point because although I had seen people do magic with it, I wasn’t quite sure I believed it but it did completely change my makeup game. It rings out to dry enough to get full coverage but you can use it as wet as you like. I bought the black one which I found looked really bad after only a couple of uses but it did its job so I’m not mad. What I am mad about is that they think they can charge £16 for a blooming piece of sponge. Particularly because my devil dog thought he was allowed to eat this £16 piece of sponge.

Sadly both beauty sponges died a death to devil dog (I love him really but I am still getting over the death of my latest sponge) so I am considering buying the Real Techniques sponge BUT in all honesty, this is the biggest repurchase test because I really have to repurchase one now so the answer is, EcoTools wins. I like the shape better, the colour and the price if my dog is going to treat them like a freaking chew toy. EcoTools, you have won me over. Well done.

What beauty sponge do you like best?

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