Autumn Handbag Essentials


I literally cannot stop talking about autumn, I am so happy it’s finally here. I thought that I would share with you what must Autumn Hand Bag Must-Haves to keep me going through the colder months. I find that if I don’t make a mental note to put these things in my bag I really miss them!

Lip balm is 100% must have for when it colder. It always seems to be the thing I lose though so keeping a couple in your bag if like me can be handy. I find investing in a lip balm always pays off because the ones that have better ingredients don’t stop working as soon as it fades off, the ingredients protect your lips as well as nourish.

Tissues are so handy in winter. Cold and flu virus’ are rife at this time of year so keeping tissues for yourself or anyone your with is handy and can stop germs spreading. #

Hand Sanitizer is another things that helps germs from spreading, no matter where you are at this time of year there will be someone with a cold, whether you’re at work, at shopping, even at home so it’s best to avoid the nasties. A personal favourite of mine is the Soap and Glory Hand Maid but I also love the Carex

Paracetamol can help with a multitude of things. Headaches, hangovers, minor pain relief, the list goes on. The upcoming months are going to be full of colds, possibly hangovers and usually stress running up to the Christmas period so popping a packet of paracetamol in your bag can be a godsend for when you need it most.

Berocca is my lifesaver, if I feel under the weather, ill, hungover anything other than my best then I know Berocca has got my back.

Does anyone feel like the first thing to tell them they are ill is their throat? Mine is so sensitive and always the first thing to start hurting and this is agony when part of my job is speaking on the phone to customers so I always keep throat sweets handy at this time of year, I literally never know when my throat will go from fine to agony.

Eight Hour Cream is a MUST have for when it gets cold. My skin goes awful when it gets cold so keeping this around for any dry patches or for a quick moisture hit. It’s bliss and I really couldn’t live without it.

I got the most beautiful pair of leather gloves a couple of Christmases ago and they are an absolute staple in my handbag when it gets colder. I hate having cold hands so they are perfect and because they are leather it means I can scrape my car in the morning without getting wet hands.

The final item is hand cream. A good thick hand cream is absolutely necessary if you get dry hands because they can become rally sore and even cracked if you don’t look after them. ALWAYS WEAR HAND CREAM.

What hand bag essentials couldn’t you live without?

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