25 Facts about me Pt 2

I decided to do another little 25 facts about me as it’s been an age since the last time I did a facts post must be well over a year ago so let’s jump in shall we?

1 I have no tattoos or piercings as I have a massive phobia of needles

2 My middle name is Victoria

3 I can’t miss an episode of Hollyoaks, I have watched every episode for 4 years.

4 I love fruit & veg but also can’t resist carbs and fried foods which sucks because if I didn’t then I’m sure I would be 8 stone (humph).

5 People shorten my name to Court and I love it, I think it sounds really cute. Much nicer than Courtney which no one calls me, ever.

6 I am 5 ft 3 and I am sure I get shorter every year.

7 I will try any food, I won’t always like it but I sure as hell will try it. If I say I don’t like something I have probably tried it several times.

8 I love flying but hate take off and landing, I don’t mind turbulence or anything like that but I am a nervous wreck when it comes to going up or down! NO THANK YOU.

9 I LOVED the Twilight movies, they were my guilty pleasure.

10 My all time favourite movie is Dirty Dancing.

11 Uno is MY game, it got to the point that I was playing it so much that my best friend and boyfriend wouldn’t play against me because I always won and they had no hope. Sadly I seem to have lost my touch and now I sometimes LET my boyfriend win.

12 Speaking of my boyfriend, I could literally stare at him all day. I am convinced that he was made directly by Gods, his face is so aesthetically pleasing.

13 My lucky number is 3.

14 I was single for such a long time before Max, he was my first real relationship, first person to take me on a date and the first person to buy me flowers.

15 Sarcasm is literally my second language. I am so sarcastic 90% of the time that my boyfriend just pretends that I didn’t say anything.

16 I work in customer service and I love my job, it can be a rough ride sometime but speaking to customers and solving their issues really can be rewarding.

17 I read 99% of blog posts that come into my inbox from blogs I am subscribed to and sometimes that can be over 100 per day. Its hard slog but I love reading and it motivates me, you can tell when I have more time because I comment but most of the time, even if I’m in a rush I will like the post.

18 I am definitely a savoury over sweet kind of gal, give me alllll the carbs.

19 I have blue eyes but I swear sometimes they are just colourless, I would love to have brown eyes.

20 I am an apple gal, I don’t understand the attraction to android, I need an iPhone in my life.

21 I have never had a crash whilst driving myself but I did have a lorry go into the back of us when my mum was driving. It was the scariest experience ever!

22 Hold Up by Beyonce is guaranteed to get me singing my heart out. I heart Queen Bey.

23 I have never tried an avocado, I love guacamole so I probably should try one but I just haven’t got round to buying one yet, what do you even eat them with?

24 I have glasses but always forget to wear them; I only wear them when I start to get a headache to be honest. I don’t mind wearing them I just lose them all of the time.

25 My perfect pizza is a vegetarian with onions, sweet corn, tomatoes, mushrooms the lot then with added chicken and garlic oil.

Phew all done, now I have to ask, what’s your favourite pizza topping?

For more Court Does Cosmetics you can find me on

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Come see what I get up to when I’m not writing all of my ramblings for you all (spoiler alert: it involves lots of food, wine and television but hey, I like to think I’m a little bit interesting).

7 thoughts on “25 Facts about me Pt 2

  1. I loved getting to know you better! I haven’t played Uno in years but we used to play the Harry potter version when I was little and it always was so much fun. I wish I could be as adventurous with food like you, I try to try new things but also not really 😉 xx


  2. Awesome post (: love your facts and getting to know you! I try to read all the posts on my reader as well, and I agree it can be a challenge especially when I get behind on them lol I like chicken, spinach, and green peppers on my pizza


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