My Hair Care Routine


HAHAHAHAHA. Are you ready to hear the laziest person in the worlds hair care routine? It’s as if I almost forgot that I am a sloth when I was brainstorming but hey, lets give it a go. If this was an everyday hair care routine it would read.

Step one – Untangle hairband from hair

Step two – Retie hair on top of head

Step three – Wonder if I should brush hair

Step four – Remember how fun brushing my hair was last time and tell myself a big fat NO.

Step five – Walk out the door.

So yeah, I probably shouldn’t leave it there. Unless you’re happy with a 100 word blog post? See, I hate brushing my hair and having it down most days would be torturous because since growing my hair I have realised a secret that nobody ever told me but, LONG HAIR IS HARD WORK. My hair isn’t even that long but washing, drying and styling takes well over an hour, do you know what is better than doing that? Sleeping.

I wash my hair once every 3-4 days and I know that this helps with the growth! Washing my hair everyday makes it even more knotty and unruly than it already is so I do it when I have time because it takes a lot of work. I do have some holy grail products that help with this. First of all if I have to wash my hair but it isn’t too greasy I will use the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Conditioner which works wonders for my hair, it leaves it soft smooth and amazingly clean considering it doesn’t lather at all. It is pricey at around £6-8 a bottle but it does last quite a while so I’m not too mad, what I am mad about is that L’Oreal aren’t cruelty free so I have to find an alternative, it took me so long to find this onewhich makes me sad but I am in the process of using up my last bottle.

I used to use the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner also but again it’s not cruelty free, they are great if your hair is really parched but extremely weighty, they did bring out a version which was supposed to be weightless but I haven’t and won’t be trying it. Again, I am using up my last bottles and I am on the lookout for a cruelty free alternative. The products are so fabulous for nourishing my once bleached hair but I’m sure there will be something better out there.

The hair treatment I use it the Alberto Balsam one, I have been using this on and off for the longest time because it’s cheap and it works. It leaves my hair feeling soft and happy without upsetting my bank balance. Just realised I haven’t checked if they are Cruelty Free! *quickly googles answer* THANK THE LORD, Google says that Alberto Balsam and I can be together forever. Phew.

Finally I thought I should talk about hair brushing. Obviously I brush my hair, not very often but I do. I use a Tangle Teezer brush and that’s because my hair is agony to brush with a normal brush. I don’t EVER brush my hair wet and I am really gentle. I honestly think it helps with breakage!

So thats what I do and how I have managed to grow my hair. Admittedly I do dye the crap out of my hair on a semi regular basis so it hasn’t grown as much as it could have but I am really happy with how it is now, even if it is so blooooooiming annoying!


What are your haircare faves?

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8 thoughts on “My Hair Care Routine

  1. I feel you on those steps haha it’s such a struggle to get a brush through my hair. I have to brush it before I shower, comb my fingers through the tangles in the shower, then brush it again after I get out…

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