If We Were Having Green Tea October 17

If we were having green tea mine would be decaf because I am already SO BUZZED about September that if I have caffeine I may explode of pure excitement. September was set to be pretty brill considering all of my debts are paid at the end of this month and I got a new job!

If we were having green tea I would be gushing about the time of year, I am so excited for Halloween, Bonfire night etc that I have started planning it now. We are visiting Cattows Farm for Halloween and I am mega excited because we went last year and had THE most wonderful time.

If we were having coffee I would also be gushing about the fact that it was Max’ birthday on the 2nd and I couldn’t be prouder of the person he has become. We got together when we were 17 and to reach 21 together and grow with each other has been the most magical experience. I literally cannot think of anyone better.

If we were having green tea I would tell you that my skin has gone to crap so I’m so badly trying to rectify this with green tea and lots of good skincare but running myself ragged with work means that I usually collapse in a heap once I have got through the door.

If we were having green tea I would moan to you that I feel like I haven’t had a proper chance to get anything of significance done on my to do list for weeks now and it is stresssssing me out. The good weather is gone so I have to use the tumble dryer which means I can’t do all the washing in one day anymore. Being unproductive sucks.

If we were having green tea I would probably also be a bit tearful that after just under 5 years at my current work place my leave date in tomorrow! I start my new job on Tuesday so I have 3 days to relax, recharge and get all of my ducks in a row before I jump into a new role.

If we were having green tea I would be talking about my recent trip to Yorkshire, I have been countless times now but this is the first time I get to take my mum. Due to working she is going up there before me and I am joining her in the evening so when I told her how far away it was she was shocked. Who books a holiday and doesn’t check how far away it is?

Finally, if we were having green tea I would ask how you are? What you have been doing? And what’s on your mind today hons?

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