Autumn Date Ideas

Max and I have been together for what feels like a life time but we still do date nights because we love each other’s company. I really take pride in the fact that after 3 years we still like each other enough to want to go on dates together so I like to get creative with dates, we do things such as walks, we have recently done blackberry picking, we have fed the ducks before now and have so many other favourite dates but as the nights get darker so much earlier it can be hard to find motivation to spend time together when all you want to do is sleep and eat so I thought I would write out some of my favourite autumnal dates as suggestions for you guys.

My favourite date EVER is Bonfire Night! I know that for little furry babies it can be scary and I really worry about them but there really is something romantic about bonfire night! Even if you don’t have fireworks, something about warm drinks in the cool air by the fire is mesmerising and now I am writing this and I am wayyyy too excited! Ow L

As difficult as it is to get out into the cool air in the colder months, you should go for a brisk walk! Get dinner on the go and take a stroll! Leave them phones at home and reconnect with your human, get your power walk on and talk about things. I think in all honesty, this is my favourite thing to do when I am feeling down because endorphins! It also helps that it’s absolutely free.

Ok, this is a lazy one but it’s still free so why not? A movie in bed or on the sofa is so much fun, pick one together, grab some snacks from the kitchen and get snugly. A favourite of mine for evenings like these is Harry Potter, I am counting down the days until I can watch them all again (waiting for Christmas because it makes me feel so blooming Christmassy) but this can work all year round, I know it’s so basic idea to watch a movie but it’s such a classic so I couldn’t leave it out.

Cooking dinner together can be so much fun, find a recipe that involves some work and get stuck in. Shop together for the ingredients, cook together, have a laugh and enjoy the finished product at a candlelit table. Bliss.

Does anyone else think that museums are the most interesting thing ever? It’s so relaxing to walk around hand in hand, talking in all of the information and so many museums are free now or on a donation only basis that it really is worth taking a look. A personal favourite of mine is the Natural History Museum in London but there are so many museums everywhere and often they are hidden so get yourself on Google and look for museums in your area, you won’t regret it, or you will but at least you’ll be able to have a laugh in an awful museum.

Do you have any date nights I need to try? I would love to know.

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