Night Time Routine

My skincare routine is a shambles, in fact, let me correct that. I forget my skincare routine so much that my skin is a shambles. My skincare routine works perfectly well, so much so that when I keep on top of it and make sure to drink my green tea, I feel like my skin is the best it’s ever been. For this reason, I wish I could be one of them girls who always remembers to double cleanse, tone, serum and moisturise every night without fail, I fall asleep with my phone in my hand most of the time so what hope do I have?

The first thing I do of a night time when I remember to do my face is to take off my makeup, if I’m not wearing any then bonus, one less step! If I am wearing makeup then I will use either my Green People Gentle Cleanser or Soap & Glory 3 in 1 Vitamin C Face Wash with a flannel, a full face will sometimes call from coconut oil with a flannel, and if I am honest I usually finish with coconut oil because it leaves me feeling baby fresh. I love to scrub at mu face with a clean flannel, something about it is so much more satisfying than a face scrub and I’m convinced I get better results without drying my skin out.

Once my skin is make up free (or as much as I can get it, can’t pretend I’m not going to leave a bit of mascara if I am using micellar water too) I take a cotton pad and remove anything I have missed with the Garnier Micellar Water with Oil and swipe that all over my face until I feel really clean and then I repeat but this time with Lush Roma Water to tone my face, this step is so important and I didn’t realise until I ran out how much this keeps me from breaking out. It is a firm favourite and I cannot bring myself to try something new in case it doesn’t work like my trusted toner does.

Now I’m all squeaky clean I go one of two way, if my skin is dry I will give it an injection of moisture by using the Waitrose Facial Oil, I will drown my face in it and then buff it off until my skin is saturated but not ‘I can cook chips on this’ and I will proceed with my routine. If I am feeling lazy or quite well nourished I will skip this part and go straight to moisturiser. I like to use Astral on my face, especially at night time because it’s so heavy and greasy but I wake it with such hydrated skin, it’s so worth looking like a greasy mess.

And there you have it. My night time routine in 420 words. What’s yours?

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