What I ate in a day (Piggy alert!)

Today is a typical Tuesday, I’m working a very typical 9-5 shift so I thought I would do a food diary. I don’t even try to kid myself into saying I’m dieting anymore because I’m not but I found that I ate not too terribly anyway.

My day started at 7.21am and I pretty much jumped out of bed to get ready for work as I leave at 8am. After pottering around for a while I grabbed a packet of crisps and some cake and drove to work. I got to work about half 8 (after nearly being ran off the road by some idiot) and tucked into my crisps (Sunbites Sweet Chilli btw and they were yummy).

Around 11am I was starving so when my first break came at 11.35 I almost ran to the canteen where I chose a roasted vegetable salad which was blooming bliss. The veg had been covered in some kind of spices whish blew my face off but I really enjoyed it, there was a big dollop of coleslaw on the side but I didn’t fancy it so I left that bit.

Around 3pm I was starving again so I decided to tuck into a slice of my birthday cake which was AMAZING! I had a unicorn shaped lemon drizzle cake for my birthday (dying that I was too drunk to take a photo before it was cut *eyeroll*) so I started picking at a slab of that to tide me over until dinner time.

It’s no shock that by the time I got home from work at 6pm I was starving again, luckily enough there was some left over bolognese I had cooked the night before (under my mums supervision because nothing beats her version) so I heated that up on the hob and added a little extra chilli paste whilst I put some tagliatelle on to boil. Once it was done I served it up and loaded it with fresh Parmesan. I had a large glass of white wine to wash it down and it was bloody delicious.

About half hour later I was feeling peckish because apparently after 6pm I turn into a monster with an appetite like the hulk so I had 4 crackers with butter and Dolcelatte, again washed down with wine. Naughty me. I shouldn’t admit this but I also had more Bolognese later on. EEK.

Thats it, ok, so, it was a lot but I was a hungry bean and I can’t say it’s not a regular occurrence for me to eat this much but this is an honest account of what I ate on a Tuesday.

P.S now craving all of these foods again, especially cheese n crackers!!!

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