August Newbies

Sooooooo, considering my birthday month I think I was pretty well behaved considering that I didn’t actually purchase any of these make up items (my bank balance is starting to love me again) but I figured as I got quite a few bits I would do a first impressions type post. Lets jump straight into it shall we?

First up I grabbed three L’Oreal product from Superdrug when I was in Scarborough (courtesy of my lovely boyfriend Max who knows I can’t resist a product release)  and they had their new Paradise range out in full force which drew me in (damned you L’Oreal, I only needed toothpaste) so a LOT of pondering later I walked out with three products I was really excited about. The first one I want to talk about is the pomade, purely because I have had three of my nearest and dearest say how amazing my brows look so it’s clearly a winner. The pomade is a fab colour, easy to use and I haven’t found myself reaching for anything else since I got it which is so unlike me. The other two products I picked up are the True Match Highlight and the Infallible Total Cover foundation.  I expected to be able to say more about the other two products but in all honesty, I can’t because I really haven’t used them enough. The foundation I found an amazing finish when swatching but I am yet to do a full face with it, the highlighter however is glowy as hellllll. I am planning on doing a full review of each of the products in this post when I get a moment sit and play with them.

Ok so, whilst I have been good this month, I feel my bank balance quivering in its boots because a House of Fraser has just opened up in my town, including a shit ton of makeup stalls AND a champagne bar (son first direct, take up your issues with House of Fraser, this is not my fault). I went for a browse and ended up at the Stila counter wishing my life earnings away. At Stila I picked up Diamond Dust from their Magnificent Metals range and a Stay All Day liquid lipstick in the shade Teroso. I AM OBSESSED AND IN LOVE HONS! I want all of them.  I have added some swatches below because I just have to show you these before I publish a full review. These products are out of this world!

Not a really make uppy kind of brand but I heard some amazing stuff about their makeup range so I popped into New Look and picked up a matte lipstick in the shade Mocha and I can’t lie, I was shocked. The pigmentation of this is crazy mental and the shade is to die for, it is quite cool so whenever I wear it I get paranoid about it washing me out but other than that, I really would say it is a rival for the MAC matte lipsticks.

I saved the last til best because GUESS WHO GOT THE NEW NAKED PALETTE?! Yep, I gave in and bought it with some money my mum gave and dear lawdy lord. That’s literally all I am going to say because by the end of this month you will see a full review and I don’t want to spoil it (not that every blogger and their dog hasn’t reviewed it but whatever). Spoiler alert. I fucking love it.

Did you pick any new bits up this month? I would love to hear all about them!

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