Am I Old Yet?

Guess who’s back for her final post in a month full of posts, I survived! Now I have written the title to this post, I feel as if it is almost click-batty in a sense because of course I’m not old. I just turned blooming 21. I just thought it would be fab to get a bit more personal and look at a couple of things that make me feel like it just can’t be possible that I am 21. I honestly feel 15, sometimes I catch myself driving to work, in my car, being allowed to drive, to my job, that pays my bills and I think ‘FUCK, I don’t feel old enough for this’.

The first thing I want to address is the fact that I have an anti-aging skincare routine. that in itself feels impossibly unecessary but prevention is better than cure. For a long time i pondered what age was appropriate/early enough to be effective because I wanted to catch it before I got my first wrinkle. you might be thinking that I have ages left but both of my parents found their first grey hair at 21. Scary stuff. If I find a grey hair in the next year, I think I will cry. So anti-acing is exciting, I feel like there are so many criteria for skincare to meet so I am excited about exploring which products agree with my temperamental skin and which flare my skin up like crazy then obviously relaying it back to my lovely readers.

Second on the list is saying for a house. A HOUSE. My own blinking mortgage. Me and Max were saving previously but didn’t seem to have any set goals, now we have amounts and a goal set so hopefully we will move out next year and finally live together again! It has been far too long and far too much effort. To have him by my side for all of the little bits is so exciting for me because we have done it before and it was the most wonderful experience. It means I got to know him in a way that you don’t really get to know someone until you live with them for an extended period of time. Can’t blooming wait hons.

Speaking about my lovely boyfriend, we have been together over three years now. That in itself is crazy adult. The stuff we have been through is enough to make anyone want to commit murder but I couldn’t love him more. next on the horizon for us is furry babies and hopefully a ring if I drop enough hints (hint, hint Maxy), honestly I think my relationship has made me grow up and consider others more than I ever did. Having Max in the forefront of my mind for every decision made me grow up in a way I couldn’t imagine. Still feel like a 15 year old tho.

Well that’s it. I am officially not a teenager. Although I haven’t technically been for the last year, everyone knows that being 20 is an extension of your teenage years and I cannot wait to see what being a fully fledged adult human has to offer (hopefully lots of nice food otherwise I don’t want it).

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4 thoughts on “Am I Old Yet?

  1. Congrats on turning 21! At the grand old age of 34, I can promise you ageing is not so bad, you have so many awesome things ahead of you in life, but 21 is such a fun age to be so enjoy it! You will probably never really feel older than 15 though! I know I still feel like a teenager at times 😂

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  2. This has been the most relatable post I’ve read all day, house, mortgage & paying bills is definitely such an adulting step which I had to go through whilst at uni! But now that I’ve moved back home I feel like I’m going a step in the wrong direction? yeah its easier & more chill but I just wanna get a job & be able to move out on my own account rather than relying on student finance/parents etc! Anyways you’re not old! 21 is a prime age at which I wish I just freezes myself lmao, says a 23 year old xx

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