30 before 30

Turning 21 is freaking me out for two reasons, the first is because I remember when my mum was 21 (I know this sounds strange but I was four when my mum was 21 so it’s vague memory but it is there) and the second is because the next big birthday is 30 and that seems so so old. I cant cope at the thought of it! So anyway, I thought I would write a big ol’ bucket list to complete before I am 30. Here we go

  1. Buy a house (eeeeek)
  2. Go to Dubai (instagram made me want this, so many pretty picture)
  3. Go to New York (so many trips to take).
  4. Save 6 months wages (seems very sensible if were buying a house)
  5. Stay in a dodgy hostel for a trip.
  6. Climb Mt Vesuvius (and obviously go back to Italy).
  7. Get 2 baby doggies (I don’t actually mean babies cause I want to rescue but they will be my babies).
  8. Go on a wine tasting (you all know how much I love wine).
  9. Go into the Empire State Building in New York.
  10. Go to a real German Christmas Market.
  11. Find an anti-aging skincare routine that works for my skin.
  12. Learn Italian (it sounds so beautiful & would be helpful for holidays)
  13. Get fit (I want to be able to jog and walk without getting crazy out of breath).
  14. Go on a trip alone.
  15. Conquer my fear of heights.
  16. Become a cocktail master (because why not?).
  17. Walk a half marathon.
  18. Have babies.
  19. Move out of the area, not too far, just 20-30 mins away from work.
  20. Go out out (because I never do).
  21. Get married (hint hint Maxy).
  22. Learn to code.
  23. Get a kitchen in my house done exactly the way I want it (I work in home appliances so I am a bit of a kitchen geek).
  24. Stop drinking fizzy drinks all together.
  25. Get a new car.
  26. Visit Chester Zoo.
  27. Take my mum away for her 40th.
  28. Settle in a career.
  29. Have dinner in the Shard
  30. Not hide under the covers when I wake up on my 30th birthday.

So, there are mine, what are your goals before your next big birthday?

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5 thoughts on “30 before 30

  1. Girl, you are still young! Enjoy it! Don’t worry about age just yet. I’m about to be 29 and I would love to be 21 again. lol The only thing I’ve done on this list is #25 when I bought a brand new car (four years ago). It’s so weird because I thought I would get married and have a baby around my mid 20’s, and now here I am about to turn 29 and I’m still single and living at home. =/ If you do any of these things, you’re already doing better than me. 😛

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    1. I really want to hit these goals but I wont push myself if that makes sense, I just want to live my life but these are the things I hope I do! I cant imagine doing these things but I also cant imagine not doing them before 30, then again life flies by! x


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