Sport FX Cool Down Primer

Now you all know I am NOT  a sporty gal, the thought of taking part in any physical activity makes me shudder with disgust and any physical activity I force myself to partake in is rewarded with copious amounts of wine (what? good behavior deserves rewards) so as you can imagine, upon first glance the name didn’t tickle my pickle, however before I chucked it to my mum (the runner in the family) I saw the word ‘primer’ which piqued my interest so here we are.

Upon further inspection I am still undecided on this one, I would imagine that if I was more into working out then I would be really interested because, who doesn’t love a gimmick? The packaging looks good on first glance but a closer look shows that it is poorly made and feels cheap (apart from the lid for some reason, I really like the satisfy click the lid makes) so they loose marks for that. Its not something I would be happy displaying on my dressing table but for the price point it isn’t the end of the world.

The product itself was an experience, so much so that I forced my boyfriend into trying it aswell. Upon applying the product it felt lightweight but hydrating and I really enjoyed the application then the cooling came and let me tell you, it was odd. Some parts of my skin it felt like a slightly cool refreshing feel but the more sensitive parts of my skin, such as my nose felt like I had used mint shower gel (looking at you here original source) as a face mask, it was cold and tingly for welllllll over 20 minutes. The scent is absolutely delightful, very slight but very summery, I love it.

Overall, for getting this in a subscription box, I am very happy BUT if I had paid £9.99 for the product, well I just wouldn’t have done it. In my opinion, this works really well as a primer under my make up but it isn’t marketed in this way and for that I think Sport FX are missing out. I love this primer and if it was cheaper/if there wasn’t so many other options I want to try then I would probably repurchase it. If I suddenly get into exercise then I will definitely repurchase it for its cooling properties. Thank you Pink Parcel, I found a gem.

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