SOS Celebration Recovery

I have a question, are you bored of hearing about my birthday yet? If you are then please don’t tell me, I want my bubble to continue a little bit longer. Considering I am 100% dying of a hangover and very much unlikely to be awake right now I thought I would schedule a post to tell you how I recover from a big night.

Big nights for me usually include wine, because well, is it really a big night if you don’t accidentally drink too much Malbec and pass out next to your boyfriend whilst he is trying it on? Soz Max, I need my beauty sleep. So where wine is involved, or copious amounts anyway, your probs going to need paracetamol. Now if your not a forgetful bean like me then you will probs be able to take it before you go to sleep (don’t have a clue how this works but I always wake up without a headache when I do this, no matter how long I sleep for, as I am typing this I realise how weird and pretty much impossible this is so maybe it is m mind playing tricks on me?) but for me, I forget so keeping some in or on your bedside table is the next best thing. It doesn’t hurt to have a boyfriend who doesn’t drink to wake up fresh as a daisy and get you the drink that you also forgot last night so you can take the lifesaving paracetamol, roll over and dive into the land of nod once more.

Now for hydration. I mentioned the fact that my lifesaving boyfriend usually agrees to get me a drink when I am dying of dehydration and it has to be juice or water because fizzy stuff with a hangover (the absolute exception to this is drinking Lucozade in the night, that stuff is godly for curing a hangover) may feel like heaven but won’t help that hangover, just don’t do it. we are on a mission to be able to keep down a Chinese when it opens at 5pm so you need to tread CAREFULLY. If you like green tea or are really committed to the chance then downing cups of green tea is also beneficial, not only is that green liquid absolutely insane for you, its absolutely magical for hangovers.

The bad thing about big nights is late nights, alcohol and usually there is some hanging around in the smoking area, even if you don’t smoke. The cigarette smoke, alcohol and lack of sleep are LITERALLY a recipe for a breakout, to combat this I find the best thing is to do a face mask then absolutely bathe in an intensive moisturiser (hopefully one that doesn’t clog your pores). I am a fan of using coconut oil in this process but thats usually to take last nights make up of (yes, I know, another sin I am guilty of, shoot me) but the idea behind this is to use a mask to draw out any imperfections and then the intensive moisturiser to feed your skin all the good stuff it is lacking. Fingers crossed.

Finally foooooood. Now I don’t know about anyone else but I can eat for England when I am hungover. It’s a talent I possess that my waistline really wishes I didn’t so to be good I do try to eat relatively healthy (by this I mean trying not to deep fry everything and chuck cheese on top) can’t say I always succeed but I do try. So today my honeys, I will be eating a large roast from Toby Carvery full of veg and then ordering the Chinese later when the craving becomes too much for my teary, hungover self to handle. Shoutouts out to my waistline for all the crap I put it through.

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