Active Charcoal Deodorant – Does it work?

The second product in my Pink Parcel that caught my eye was the Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Deodorant. Personally, I love natural deodorants and my personal fave is by Neal’s Yard but I am always up for trying new things (having a subscription box would be a bit pointless if I wasn’t) so I was really excited when I saw this. Then I opened it and felt, apprehensive to say the least.

The texture is strange, kind of like a thick cream but slightly bitty so when I touched and recoiled in, well horror I suppose (you have to let me off for this because I have never tried anything like it so it was a very new experience) I decided to put the lid back on and take a look at the instructions which I followed step by step and VOILA! It went on like a slightly dry moisturiser.

Overall the packaging of this product is beautiful in my opinion, it’s in a glass jar with a black lid so very simplistic and the colour theme is white grey and black, even the deodorant itself is grey which makes it look fab when you open it. Scent wise it’s pleasant but not overly scented, enough so to enjoy a sniff but not to smell it all day. the product is £6.99 for a pot and they do have various scents if you fancied changing it up so the brand does have a good offering.

Drum roll please for the final and most important statement. IT WORKS. It does exactly as a deodorant would do and stops you from smelling, I went out in the sun, got hot and bothered and it still stopped me from smelling like a sweaty mess. All in all, natural deodorants are a learning curve but if you are very wary of what your are putting on your skin and what you are breathing in then they do work and you don’t loose anything from trying them (except maybe a dent in your bank balance but hey, all in the name of health) so it’s a yes from me, and I don’t plan on turning back.

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