Phizz Tablets – A Review

When I received my pink parcel at the start of the month I was really happy because the products were so, substantial if that makes sense? It was almost too much for a review of the parcel itself so I decided to do a mini review on each of the products that really stood out for me (which was most of them, I really did love this box) so here we go.

The idea behind the Phizz Rehydration Vitamins and Minerals is to aide you in everyday life to help you feel your best. When I first read that I instantly thought of Berrocca (which are a total fucking lifesaver) but looking at the ingredients in them there are some definite differences. The packaging is very appealing to me, its bright but very minimalistic and delivers the information it needs to in an efficient manner, it doesn’t hurt that my favourite colour is yellow either. The ‘petite’ version we were sent is the perfect handbag size for people on the move and I like that. I like that you can pop it in a small bag and take it on the go because I’m likely to need rehydration most in that situation.

Phizz works by providing you with replacing essential vitamins and minerals including glucose and sodium, it is designed to be taken with water (300ml to be exact) and has just under 19 calories per serving so won’t ruin any diet. I think my favourite thing is that it is gluten, wheat, lactose and dairy free (phew, what a mouthful) also its suitable for vegans so they really have catered for everyone.

And finally, does it work? I felt it did. For testing purposes only (aka I wanted to have a bottle of wine) I used this during a hangover and I did feel better, the headache left and it gave me a lease of life which I so badly needed. I really liked the product but I do have an issue, it did the same to me as Berrocca does. Buying Berrocca means I get more tablets for my money and although I don’t like the packaging as much, it isn’t worth paying extra for in my opinion (please be proud of me gods of banking, my debt will soon be gone with this attitude).

Overall, I love Phizz. I just can’t justify buying it again.

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