Urban Decay Lets Get Naked

I am the biggest fan of Urban Decay, I love their products and the Naked Skin products really are holy grail so I thought I would write a post about them. I am on the second bottle of Naked Skin Foundation and I really don’t think I could live without it. When I realised that I had the full 3 (foundation, concealer and powder) I nearly jumped with joy at the idea of writing a post. Let’s jump straight in shall we?

First off, this foundation is glorious. This foundation is medium coverage but is lightweight, it applies beautifully and stays in place for a really long time for the correct setting spray. In all honesty, I think this is more of a good skin day foundation because it doesn’t cover all of my sins but it does have the perfect finish for the healthy glowing skin look. This foundation really does make your skin look flawless but naked and I love it. The product is £28.50 for 30ml which is rather standard for a high end foundation and well worth every penny.

The sister concealer for the foundation is regarded as holy grail by many beauty gurus because it really is that good, its held up there with the like of Tarte Shape Tape and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and for good reason because it really is the most fantastic formulation. It doesn’t crease (when set with setting powder) and is the prefect consistency for highlighting your underage and covering those god damned bags. It is £19 for 5ml which again is very average for a high end concealer. Personally I use this sparingly and for special occasions because 5ml for £19 is not cheap but is definitely worth it. Using it sparingly is easy but I wouldn’t use the statement ‘a little goes a long way’ because this is never the case with concealer but overall it is an amazing product.

Finally, the dark horse in this collection in my opinion, for me I have never been fussy with pressed powder, I guess I kind of underestimated it because I always thought ‘well how different can they be’ and boy was I wrong. I am in love with the flawless finish this provides. No matter what products I use underneath this, it leave my skin flawless and almost airbrushed which for me, is something I want in a product. I will always repurchase this because price is well worth it. This powder is £24 for 7.4g which, in all honesty, I don’t know if I consider this as a lot of money or not. Regardless, its well worth it for flawless skin.

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