My Birthday Week

Guess what my lovelies? Its my blooming birthday week! I know I have been going on like a mad woman but the end is in sight guys, I will finally be 21 on Friday and in all honesty, I am really excited for my birthday. I thought I would run through my plans for the week and let you in on the celebrations because I am so god damned excited.
First things first we are travelling up to Yorkshire to see my nan, me and Max love Yorkshire and had some time off which gave us the perfect opportunity to take a trip and spend some time with loved ones. I have no idea what we will be doing there but I will be updating my Instagram so go check that out to keep up with my adventures.

Next up I will be travelling back down to Rushden before my actual birthday (not sure what day yet though, how spontaneous of me) so I will probably slob around watching lots of TV with any spare time I have, hopefully I will force myself to get out and exercise too but who knows.

For my actual birthday I am going out for breakfast with my mum and sisters, I cant wait to eat my bodyweight in nachos for breakfast (it’s allowed because it’s my birthday ok?) so that’s exciting, in all honesty I have no clue what I will spend my day doing but as long as it doesn’t involve spending money I am ok with that because by the end of next week I will be debt freeeeeeeeeeee. I am having dinner with Max and a few friends that night but I’ll have to try my hardest not to get drunk because I have a big family meal the next day. When I say it out loud (I mean, technically on paper but whatever) it sounds like such a boring day but to me, it sounds perfect.

Saturday is the day of a meal I have been planning for the longest time. I have pretty much all of my family coming to a meal and a card night which is so exciting but it was a lot of hard work to arrange so I am kind of glad the arranging is all over and I get to enjoy the evening with everyone I love in one room which I am crazy excited about, kind of excited to stuff my face with Prosecco and carbs. Can’t blooming wait.

After the card night me and Max have bet on the McGregor vs Mayweather fight so we will be watching that on the the edge of our seats (I don’t know anything about betting or fighting but I though it would be a fun thing to bet against my boyfriend and see who wins.

And finally to end my week I have persuaded my boyfriend to take me to Toby Carvery because with the lack of sleep and the hangover I would most definitely need a roast dinner and lots of cuddles, I cannot wait. How do you celebrate your birthday?

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