Organisation is such goal in my life and many others I am sure. It is bliss when everything is done on your to do list and you can relax but, how many of us stress ourselves out to get there? For me, being organised is a tedious task and as nice as it is, sometimes it feels like I am wasting my life. Over the past year I have cut down my organising chores tenfold because in all honesty, I am starting to loose the point behind it. There are however some things I really do value to keep my life on track so I thought I would share them with you.
I LOVE LISTS. I go on about them all of the time but a daily to do list is the most important thing on my agenda to keep me in check and to keep me productive. There are things that go on my list every day such as emails and then other things such as blog chores. Everything I need to do in that day will go on the list such as washing clothes, texting friends and so on but this means I will always remember the little things.

Decluttering chores are added to my lists every 3-4 months to ensure that there is nothing irrelevant in my life. I would love to lead a minimalistic life but I am just too much of a hoarder to be able to do it so instead I ensure that I don’t have anything in my life that I wouldn’t use ever again, with this also comes making sure things are in their rightful home. Doing this every 3-4 months helps me to clear my head and rediscover products which if I am completely honest, can be fabulous for blog inspiration.

TV shows are one of my favourite things to go through, I am a shameless TV addict but my life can get pretty hectic which sometimes means I forget to indulge in my favourite shows. I know this is dead sad but once a month I will look into any upcoming shows or documentaries and write them down. I will then try my damnedest to watch them all which may not seem organisational but it stops me from wasting free time doing something unproductive when I can be watching a documentary or keeping up with a show I enjoy.

The final thing I use to keep my life in check is a monthly planner print out. The ease of having a piece of paper with my plans for the whole month makes things so much easier to create an efficient plan for the month. To add things such as dates, seeing friends, blogging days and even self care days, this means I never double book and can always see where I can fit things in. All in all, monthly planners are a godsend.

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