6 Reasons I Hate Other Drivers

Please don’t be offended by this post if you know where your indicators are, know how to use a round about and don’t drive like a general arse because this is not aimed at you. This is aimed at every driver who cannot drive or has no courtesy for other drivers, if this is you then you are shit. Get off the road. Let’s jump right in shall we?

1 – IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO USE A ROUND ABOUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THEN STEP OUT OF YOUR CAR. Then proceed to go to your friend google and learn. I really don’t believe that there are any excuses for being in the wrong lane at a roundabout. If in doubt, get in the right lane to go all of the way round. Simple. The amount of times I have nearly been killed by someone who doesn’t know how to use a roundabout is too many to count. Stop being impatient, get in the right lane and learn how to use your indicator for the poor souls waiting to get on the roundabout.

2 – I touched a bit on this in point one which leads me to remind you that your indicators tell people where you are going. If you don’t use them then it’s your fault when things go wrong. It’s insane to me that people don’t use them because it should be second nature. I know there is a whole ‘thing’ around BMW drivers not using their indicators and I can honestly say that when I have been paying attention I haven’t seen a single BMW driver indicate, now I have never driven a BMW, do they have them? Are they all broken or not wired in? Do they give you blooming electric shock when you touch them? WHY DONT THEY GET USED? I needed to know. I also need people to start using them. Idiots.

*going to take a break from writing  this because I can feel myself getting angry, who knew you could get road rage in a kitchen*

3 – I’m back and ready to rant about people getting so close to the back of you that you can actually see the spot on their chin and the stain on their top from breakfast. GO AWAY. For the people of the world that do this, let me give you a lil’ scenario. say we are are on country lane, 60 is the speed limit and we are both doing that speed limit, except you are so close I can smell you, I’ll slow down. I don’t like slowing down because it takes longer to get to my destination but you bet I will just to give you the message to BACK THE **** UP. Now we are both going 45 mph, your getting angry, I’m getting angry and we are all probably going to die sooner because of bad chemicals from being angry, now who’s fault is that? YOURS.

4 – If you don’t know who has right of way then go home and research the highway code. Don’t get back in your car until you know. If you ever find yourself out and your unsure? Be courteous.

5 – If you park over my mums drive you better bet that someone is going to park behind you so far up your arse you’ll have a whale of a time getting out. Don’t park illegally. Don’t park on the wrong side of the road. Don’t take up two spaces. The list goes one but the main one? DO NOT PARK IN A DISABLED BAY. You don’t know how bad someone needs that bay.

6 – Doing your weekly shop at the petrol station is fine but please, mov your car before you do so. I had an experience the other day where I was nearly late for work because someone had used a pay at pump spot but then gone in and got a load of shopping. I WAS BAFFLED. I thought that the idea of pay at pump was for the whole “in my pjs/item of clothing not suitable for the outside world/don’t want to speak to anyone/ I don’t like people’ kind of scenario. Surely going to pay at pump spots are a completely pointless move if you want to go into the petrol station anyway.

Right, I am all done and I did’t have a heart attack. Fab. please let me know what your gripes are about other drivers.  I would love to know so I can moan about it for all eternity too.

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3 thoughts on “6 Reasons I Hate Other Drivers

  1. I get so bad at other drivers. I have the worst road rage sometimes. lol Some people do some really stupid things while driving. I’ve had cars blow their horn at me before when I was in the correct lane, and they were in the wrong. I also had a car zoom past me recently and then get in front of me. Once they were in front, they proceeded to go 10 miles UNDER the speed limit. I was so mad!

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