Looking After Your Lady Bits

Ok, so we all know vaginas are self-cleaning, self-lubricating powerhouses of happiness and this is fabulous, I am a proud owner of one myself but what about when your fabulous powerhouse gets thrown out of sync? I’m here to talk to you about things that can happen and little remedies to get you right back on track again. I think it is important as a vagina owner or vagina fan to be up to date with things that can help but I would also say, if you have any queries at all then please go to your doctor. They really are the least prudish people ever, they see you as body to heal. There is no shame in going to them with your queries.

First off I want to address Evening Primrose Oil, for me this is a key ingredient into helping my cycle for many reasons. One being it seems to keep everything running smoothly. This is not a medical diagnosis but I experienced pain in my ovaries and womb so after a good old Google, I came to the conclusion that Evening Primrose Oil was the next thing to try and I have never turned back. What I didn’t expect is the rest of the things that come with it included less PMT and ultimately a very healthy vagina. It has minimised any small issues and has really helped with how I feel about myself as well. It honestly feels like healthy eating for your vagina.

Next up is to reevaluate your sanitary options. I really want to emphasise that any of these options is okay but the only way to find out which works best for you and your body is to try each one. Sanitary towels, tampons or menstrual cups are as far as I am aware are the most easily accessible options at the moment and each one has its ups and downs. Please, for your vaginas sake, look into each one and try each one if you can. It really is amazing how good you feel when you are more confident in your method of sanitary care.

Finally, to Femfresh or not to? This is completely down to personal preference. I added this in because I like it, I like washing with it and I am very sensitives to soaps, whereas I know that I don’t have any problems with Femfresh. If you decide that water is enough for you then that is fine hon, your letting your body do it’s thing and that is amazing. I saw a post on twitter the other day that was such a good point, as females we have intimate washes for our SELF CLEANING vaginas but when it comes to male genitalia, where are their specified washes? Baffling.

How you do you take care of yourself?

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3 thoughts on “Looking After Your Lady Bits

  1. I don’t really use any products down there. I just let my body do its thing, and I’ve never had any infections. Not even a yeast infection, which I hear can be common among ladies. For that time of the month, I use both pads and tampons. I’m always scared I’m going to leak, so I’ll wear them both at the same time for peace of mind.

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    1. i find that with things like this everybody is different and you have to work to find your rhythm, i found i was getting irritations so i started using these products & it went away! it’s depends on what’s best for you! & really? i never even thought to use both! even when i could use tampons!x


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