GHD’s A Review

GHD’s really are one of those products that probably have millions of reviews on the internet and I am pretty sure everyone has an opinion on them so I thought I would wade in and give my opinion on them as I have had got my first pair 7 years ago so I really do have a valid opinion on them.

The GHD’s I own now are in the shade Periwinkle and they are the original shape ones. I got them in 2014 to replace my previous pair which were battered (I really didn’t take care of them). GHD’s really are a cult product in the hair industry, if you don’t love them then either you have never tried them or you are fooling yourself. I know that they are pricey and £100 plus for a hair tool can seem extortionate but since my first pair lasted 5 years of pure abuse I thought I would treat myself to some more and they have held out equally as well.

The design of the product is basic but makes these irons versatile. I use them to straighten my hair which they do so in record time considering my hair is a thick and fluffy birds nest but I can also use them to curl, add light waves and create more body in my hair and it is this really is why I would consider them a must have item. they are easy to use, not easy to burn your fingers on (although I still do on a regular basis) and they are really pretty.

They come in so many colours and shapes now, rather than them being just a hair tool they can work with the aesthetic of a room and I don’t know any other brand that does that. They have regular sales to get £20 -£30 off of the products when they are end of line and they last so long that how much you pay per use is minimal.

In my opinion, I couldn’t live without mine, much as I cannot live without a pair of UGG’s, they are a must have and a reliable product that I can trust to do me proud again and again. What straightener do you use and how do you feel about GHD’s?

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