Femfresh Newbies

I am a fan of Femfresh. I know that isn’t the most popular opinion but I like it and whether my vagina is backwards or not, my vagina likes it too. So when I saw two new products on the shelf, at an introductory price I was intrigued. It must have been quite visible because my boyfriend then put it in his basket and bought them for me. These products were Shower and Shave Cream and Post Shave Balm. I have been using the products for over a month now so I thought I would do a full review on them.

First up (I decided to do them in order in which you would use them because it’s what sits best in my head, I can’t really believe I spent 30 seconds debating it haha! Life of a blogger), the Shower and Shave Cream. For me, it’s a bit of a miss. My famed dry skin is also an issue on legs and it just wasn’t as nourishing as coconut oil for me however I do still use it on my pubic hair (which in all honesty, think its what it was meant for) because I don’t like using oil down there. I love the product for this and will continue to buy it but I really wish it could be more nourishing to enable me to use it in other areas. My only other gripe with this product is that it doesn’t stand up on its own so I lean it on it’s side and then product spills out. It’s a slow process but in all honesty, if I am paying £4 for a product I don’t want to see it all over my bathroom sides, I cannot afford that lifestyle. Price wise, I remember the product was on an introductory offer (would not have let Max spend £8 on intimate care) but because I didn’t buy it I can’t remember how much it was and it’s no use asking Max because he is officially the most forgetful human ever (seriously, sometimes I am amazed). However, it is now sold at £3.99 and for 200ml it doesn’t break the bank. I will continue to use this product because i do think it helps with shaving rash but as I said, it’s not perfect.

Next up is the Shave Balm, I love this one. Disclaimer: I don’t shave all that often, I don’t use any other method I am just lazy so I have probably used this 3-4 times but I am like, 99% sure I can see a difference with ingrown hairs. I enjoy the process of using it and a little goes a long way. With this one I have no gripes, admittedly I have nothing to compare it to because I have never used anything like it before but it is a firm favourite and is definitely being replaced when this one runs out. Again, this one is £3.99 but for 50ml which as I said, lasts you ages as you only need a tiny but so another product that doesn’t break the bank (my bank balance is screaming hallelujah, can you hear it?).

Overall, I am a fan. I have loved Femfresh as a brand for over 3 years now and usually like most things I try from them. As I said previously, I know using intimate health products can really affect some people so these products may not be for everyone but for me, I love them. Well done Femfresh.

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