Siligel Sponge by Stylondon

I have to admit, I would never have bought this in a million years. The idea does not appeal to me and the way that the whole ‘silisponge’ has been marketed is the same way a lot of dud products were advertised so it really didn’t appeal to me. By the unappealing advertising I mean the fact that there were several #ad #spon Facebook videos and nothing with any real substance, now if this doesn’t scream ‘don’t trust me’ I don’t know what does. I am in love with my beauty blender and doubt I’ll ever be swayed.

I received this in June’s Pink Parcel but lost it in my boyfriends car for a while so couldn’t get this review up any sooner, even if I wanted to because I hadn’t tried it. I can see the appeal in theory because it would be so easy to clean and would minimise product wastage but I am still so baffled how this gets good reviews. What this reminds me of is applying make up with your fingers, but with more effort required.

This product is £5.99 and I am really glad I didn’t buy it in all honesty, some people seem to love this product but at this point I am confused as to whether it is something that is just a big marketing hype. I truly believe that this is one of the plus sides to being subscribed to a box like this because although I didn’t like the product, I got the chance to use it and form my own opinion without wasting money because I still received products I like.

Overall, I can’t get on with it but if it’s something I am doing wrong then please tell me, if there is a knack to it I would love to know about it because it feels like such a waste to just throw it in the bin. Does anyone actually prefer these over the original sponges?

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7 thoughts on “Siligel Sponge by Stylondon

  1. After seeing reviews on this, I have come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth it! I already made up my mind that I would not be purchasing it; however I will be getting it this month in my Glam Box so I am curious to see how I get on with it although I’m 99% sure, it’s no where near using a beauty sponge!

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  2. I wouldn’t buy it either. I get that the whole premise is to not waste makeup because some sponges do absorb some product, but idk, not a product I liked despite the number of Youtube videos I saw lol

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