VS Mists

I love these two scents so I thought I would do a lil’ mini review. First of all, I have noticed that the design of the bottles for the scents are completely different to some others I have seen which I can’t quite work out but I bought them directly from the VS store in Birmingham so they aren’t fakes but it is odd (although the rest of the bottles for the other scents in the store were the same shape). I picked up Coconut Passion & Pure Seduction because they were my favourite scents in the store.
I really can’t pick a favourite between these two because it depends on my mood but I am reaching for Coconut Passion more recently because of the summery smell of coconut but I do love putting on Pure Seduction when I have just got out of the bath because it’s such a beautiful smell and I like to dance around naked whilst spritzing it around the room I can’t lie. Pure Seduction is more of a fruity but alluring scent, less fun loving and more lets run away together, if you get where I am coming from.

With regards to price they aren’t too bad, they are two for £16 I believe (don’t shoot me, I don’t quite remember and I can’t find it on Google) and for the time they last this is extraordinary. The scent doesn’t last forever but they do stick around for quite a while, long enough to forget they are there but not as long as a perfume so I use them for work etc.

I also like to use them as a room spray because they smell so lovely. They seem to cling to the fabrics in my room extremely well so that’s a plus, at this time of year when the sun is shining and your doing the cleaning its so much fun to walk around spraying the Coconut Passion like a maniac because it smells so summery (and stops the room smelling of last nights red wine, bonus).

Have you for a favourite VS Mist or scent? Let me know!

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