Salou 2017

I thought today could be more of a pictorial of my recent holiday because it’s the weirdest thing to me. When I write all of my posts it’s like I’m writing to my pals rather than anyone else so here, have some snaps of a fab holiday I had and if you have any questions about Salou please feel free to ask anything (can’t guarantee I’ll know the answer but I will blooming well try). 

It was so blooming hard to get a photo of these little fishes but they were everywhere and the sea was so clear on the day we went to the beach. We has a fabulous time swimming and we went for lunch with a bottle of wine. It was such a laugh and really was a great beach. Also, strange side note but there was gold glitter in the sea, proper glitter everywhere, it was so baffling.

You can see in this one a bit better how clear it really was and the sea really was quite warm in all honesty! We all managed to go in up to our shoulders and you could still see the floor which was a bonus because as much as you can say there aren’t sharks in Spain,  I ain’t taking no risks.

Aye, look at my ugly nails. I managed to scrape all of my nail varnish of one day during a hangover, not my finest hour but this was the ticket for the water park at Portaventura which I don’t have any photos of because I was too busy having fun. However if you do get the chance to go then do it, it was fabulous and well worth it, food was crazy expensive though.

I bought these because I thought they would be fab, I usually love stuff like this so I got excited and took a photo, it turns out they actually tasted like cardboard. Vile.

The Don Simon Sangria is a gift from the gods I swear. If anyone knows where you can get it in the UK then please tell me because I need this in my life.

Pretty fountain on the beach which after the walk to the beach looks very appealing, we weren’t sure on the laws about jumping in it though so we waited until the sea to cool down.

A lil’ snap from our evening stroll on the beach.

And finally a picture of my cousins who literally made my holiday. I love them.

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