June/July Favourites 2017

Ok, so I missed out on June Favourites. Please don’t hate me. I promise I did write it but forgot to upload it and now I cannot find it anywhere which is blooming wonderful, for anyone who blogs you know that loosing a post is hours worth of work disappearing into thin air but whatever, gotta let that shit gooooo.

First up can we talk about Game of Thrones? I love it and die for every Monday to come round because I need my next fix on Jon Snow, before the new series came out I actually had to catch up on like, 1 episodes which I did in one weekend because you know, dedication and all that but I AM LOVING THIS SEASON! I am dreading it ending, Jon Snow can’t leave me.

Next up is another TV program that I know will divide people because the Teen Mom series’ really are like marmite. I have slowly gone off Teen Mom OG but Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom UK are on at the moment and I am livingggg for them. I love a glass of wine and catch up with what’s happening in their lives. Reality TV is addictive as hell and those girls are doing the best job they can! I especially love Teen Mom UK I can’t lie.

A make up product that I am obsessed with at the moment is NYX Dewy Setting Spray, I am nearly out of my trust Urban Decay so I have moved onto this one and I am thoroughly impressed. It holds my make up really well considering it’s only £7 for 60ml. If you haven’t tried it already you need too! I use it at several different stages in the process of doing my makeup to ensure it’s really locked in. My only gripe wth the product is that it hasn’t got the best spray head, it seems to be a bi hit and miss but for £7 I can live with it.

Finally for skincare I cannot stop using Coconut Oil and a hot flannel for cleaning my face. Although my skin is breaking out at the moment due to a change in contraception this really has been a skin saviour for me and has made me feel so much less self conscious about my skin because I still GLOW! I grab a small amount and really massage it onto my face giving myself a mini facial, then rinse the flannel in hot water and ring it out and buff your skin until it feels clean (do this as a second cleansing step, it doesn’t take off allllll the makeup if you haven’t used a cleanser before). It is the most beautiful feeling and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. I love it.

That’s it for my favourites honeys, what have you been loving recently?

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