Blogging With A Full Time Job

Unless you are really really lucky then your blog doesn’t pay all the bills, which then means you have to juggle a blog, job, social life, sleep and trying to be healthy which is oh my god, so much effort. This blog has been live for a year and 8 months and it has taken me pretty much up till now to find that perfect balance. It has been a massive learning curve for me and finally I have found a fab balance between everything and it works for me. Instead of explaining exactly what I do I thought I would give you my 5 tips for staying on track with your blog and creating the perfect balance.

  • Scheduling posts is a motherfucking godsend. This post is scheduled along with pretty much every post I do. I cannot remember the last time I wrote a post and clicked upload straight away. This is so helpful because it means you can spend a day writing up and then schedule them so you are ahead of yourself. I use WordPress and you can even change the time that it is going to be set to which I BLOOMING LOVE!
  • Block out time in your diary for blogging. This means that you stick to it, put an evening in your diary, a day when you have nothing to do and dedicate it to blogging. I find it so bloody helpful because if it’s in my diary then I won’t plan over it (unless it’s a work commitment, my full-time job ALWAYS comes first). Use your calendar on your phone etc, its priceless.
  • Lists, lists lists my honeys. Lists are really important for staying on track for me. Lists of things I need to do on the blog, blog related promo, blog post ideas, drafts etc. These things are extremely easy to forget so it keeps me organised. It is very very helpful.
  • Deadlines and Rewards. If I hit a deadline then I treat myself, obviously not little things just big things such as completing a certain amount of scheduled posts and then I’ll get a bottle of wine.
  • Finally, don’t beat yourself up. Things happen and it is the most important thing to just have fun. The blog you have opened is for you, your hobby, to make you happy. I have had a couple of breaks and they have been pivotal to my blog style and how I manage my blog, not to mention how helpful it is to lighten the load for your mental health.

What are your tips for managing blogging?

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25 thoughts on “Blogging With A Full Time Job

  1. I’m a student so i still do get plenty of time to give to blogging but i can’t imagine how hard it must be with a full time job! I always schedule my posts from before as well otherwise they would never go up on time! xx

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  2. Putting my post on schedule! That’s exactly the same thing I do to keep my blogpost being on track. The other tips you wrote are so helpful, gotta make a way to try them too. Thanks for sharing! Xx

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  3. My full time job is my child but even being at home, it’s very hard finding time to work on my blog. And blogging taking photos, editing posts and photos takes a considerable amount of time.
    Planning and scheduling definitely helps me out too. I LOOOOVE making lists! I make lists for everything lol

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