MICRO Pedi: A review

Ok, so if you have read a selection of my posts before it’s likely you’ll know that I have crazy dry skin. This means my feet are very hard and dry which is the biggest ball ache of my life. I have pretty much dragon scales and it is the biggest joke. If you do have dry skin, have you ever tried a manual foot file? That is the biggest ball ache of my life. So when I got this for Christmas a couple of years ago, in all honesty I was sceptical. I mean, could it really be that easy? Turns out the answer is yes.

The MICRO Pedi does take commitment, I won’t lie but I have found my method and it works for me which is a godsend. I do fall off the wagon and leave this for weeks and weeks on end but the best thing I find is to focus on the harder areas for 30 seconds each then spend a minute going all over the foot until they are smoothy smooth. Once you are done you need to rinse your feet off and slather a thick moisturiser all over, my favourite is the Heel Genius from Soap and Glory but I am sure any will do.

The MICRO Pedi is can be picked up online from around about £40 onwards, the prices go up the more advanced they get but I can’t seem to find the one I have now because it’s a little bit old but still a trooper, fighting dead skin with me everyday. The replacement rollers can be picked up for around £5 and they last forever and a day. So overall, MICRO Pedi and I are pals. Have you ever tried one?

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