Yankee Candle Fruit & Spice Selection

I thought I would talk a little bit to you about this selection pack of Yankee Candles in the fruit and spice fragrances because when I saw them I absolutely fell in love. I am a very lucky lady because my boyfriend added them to the basket in ASDA because as he said ‘it’s my birthday month, well nearly’ (this was written in July haha) so yes, very lucky spoilt lady. Surprise Surprise, I fell in love with them all. I am a candle fanatic and although they have taken a backseat due to it being way too light in the evenings for candles (hurry up winter, I need you back!) so I am really excited to burn these over the next couple of weeks with a bottle of wine when it gets dark. Just the thought of using them gets me excited.

First of all can we talk about this packaging because oh my god! I actually squealed when I saw them because leaves n spicy flavours = AUTUMN BITCHES! So anyway, moving on swiftly lets get into the scents (the explanation will be my own and I am not great at explaining so please excuse me!).

Cosy Up is literally the first one I picked up to smell and its probably because it’s grey, I can’t fight the need for Autumn anymore and this one screams Autumn vibes. It is a soft and comforting smell, almost as if you were snuggled up in a duvet with freshly washed sheets but a touch more floral. Not so much so that it feels like a summer fragrance but as if your mum has splashed out on a pricey fabric conditioner. Exotic Fruits is a lovely transitional smell from Summer to Autumn, it is very fruity but I really think it would fit better on a sunny Autumn afternoon when your remeniscing summer because candles and summer for me just do not fit. This scent would be ideal for after a big clean up to burn when everything is all clean and shiny whilst you treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage and a social media break because you have been such a good adult.

A definite Autumn scent for me is Apple Pomegranate. As soon as a candle has apple in it, it just screams to me about Halloween, god knows why but I love it. I really could sit here and sniff it all day. At the other end of the spectrum is Japanese Maple which is a sweet, almost floral sickly scent but in a good way. The balance between sweet and floral is so perfect and I really can’t believe I am saying this but it’s a Summer Scent. The kind of thing you would like on a balmy Summer evening in the garden. Very similar in the way it fits in to summer is Cherry Vanilla, this is a fruity, sickly scent but in a good way. It is another summer scent that would be perfect for an evening in the garden with drinks but is versatile because I love this smell wafting through the house.

The final one, my favourite one and the blooming best scent in the box is Apple Cinnamon Cider. The reason for this is obvious, when I sniff this I am transported to a warm cosy December evening because cinnamon duh! I adore cinnamon and the scent is full of it. I am going to leave this one until last and hopefully it will get me geared up for Winter, eeeek can’t wait.

I won’t mention the quality of the product because Yankee Candles are known and loved all over the world, everyone knows the scent throw off is insane, everyone knows that they are an affordable, good quality candle. This pack was £8 and I really do think it was worth it.

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