My Broken Home Experience

I struggles to write a title for this post because unless I write a full program it will not explain what you are about to read. I had a chat with my mum this morning about her relationship and it inspired me to talk to you guys about my childhood growing up in, I mean, I wouldn’t call it a broken home like the title but having divorced parents.

This experience is solely the way I remember this, there may be bits that I remember and others don’t and vice versa but this is how I felt and how it affected me. My parents had me at 17 and they married young. This part of the story is irrelevant because if I did ever feel any way about my parents divorcing, I don’t remember doing so and I definitely don’t now. Following on from this my dad got remarried and my mum has had relationships since and in all honesty, I think I am so far removed from the situation with regards to my mums relationships now that I can’t remember feeling sad or anything. My dad was a whole different version of removed because after he remarried we had stages over years without talking so that’s a whole different ball game of crazy but again, I feel like it happened so many times I am used to it.

Throughout being 6 to turning 18, my mum was my rock. See, as many things she did or didn’t do right (not a diss, no one gets everything right) she always made things right in the end and we grew up together. For my mum to have me at such a young age was obviously a learning curve for her so we really did grow up together, learning from each other and being there for each other which is why this post really cannot be taken as a moaning post about my mum. It is far from that. The main problem I had with my parents being split up, apart from being the one being in the middle of all the bitterness, is that my mum has a string of less than perfect relationships and with this I want to send everyone reading this a message. I will explain my situation and then explain this all further.

My mum had shitty relationship and with those shitty relationships comes an unhappy parent. Everyone reading this knows how much it hurts you when you see someone you love hurt by someone else, whether it be your mum, your dad, your friend, your sister, the list goes on but we all know how it hurts to see someone you love hurting, and throughout my childhood some little fucker or another was breaking my mums heart and this is the only thing I would change about my childhood, not what I had, not my parents divorce, not even not speaking to my dad. Seeing my mum hurting and not being able to help her, along with her bringing two little babies into the world with less than perfect suitors so to see them be bought into it is also blooming annoying.

So the point of this post is to say, please bare in mind your babies, your children and anyone you bring into this world. Please protect your babies until they are old enough to understand that emotions are perfectly normal to feel. Please don’t bring them into your break ups until their little innocent souls are ready for it.

P.S My mum is the best mum ever, I mean, she only got one thing wrong n thats good going in my books. Thanks mum, for being the only parent I’ll ever need.

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2 thoughts on “My Broken Home Experience

  1. I have recently considered writing a blog with a friend about children going through divorce, as I want to channel my energy into doing something good for others.

    There is nothing out there online in terms of support or even forums for people to discuss their experiences.

    Your’s is the first post I have come across to touch on this subject and I wanted to ask, out of interest – what support, if any, have you found to help with your situation and would a blog aimed at children/adults from ‘broken homes’ be something you would read/follow?

    Would love to hear your thoughts,

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