East Yorkshire: Must Eat

I am so stuck with this one because everything I eat in Yorkshire is blooming marvellous but then, I also realise that everyone has different taste so I have tried to add a bit of everything so that if you don’t particularly like one thing then you won’t miss out.

First up is Fish n Chips! If you are anywhere near the coast you must, must, must get fish and chips by the beach. My personal fave is in Bridlington called Harbour Fisheries but I can’t lie, I like it because the kid portions are just the right size for me but there is one in Whitby that is award winning (I have never tried it because the queues every time I visit are colossal but if you get a chance you should definitely try it.

Next up is another sea front fave. SEAFOOD! There is nothing better than cockles from a shop on the seafront, lots of vinegar, lots of salt and a stroll next to the sea. Pure bliss.

La Vecchia Scuola is a lovely Italian restaurant in York that I have been to a couple of times now and every time the food is blooming delicious, they have a wide variety of dishes, a lovely setting and I could not get enough of the sea bass. I would 100% recommend a stop here on a shopping day in York.

A roast dinner in the moors is a must for any foodie, personally a roast dinner is my favourite meal and this did not disappoint. I have been to the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge a couple of times and it has not disappointed. The price is good, the portion size is perfect and the pub atmosphere is wonderful. I would recommend picking a decent sized table because it can get a bit cramped if everyone is eating but other than that I have literally no complaints. Zilch.

For my final recommendation I picked cake at Falling Foss. Midge hall is a tea room located at Falling Foss and yes I know I mentioned it in my last post but did I also mention how obsessed I am? It doesn’t hurt that they do Nachos too. In short, I am in love with Falling Foss and everything about it.

Do you have any foodie recommendations in Yorkshire?

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