East Yorkshire: Must See & Do

Now, I am a gal from the Midlands (I think, I dont know really where it’s classed as but it’s not Yorkshire ok?) but I visit Yorkshire several times a year and it is my happy place, my spirit home and so much more. The memories and ties I have with Yorkshire mean it is held so dearly in my heart, it’s where I want to get married, where I want to move to when I am old, all of that jazz. So now you have the background hopefully you will understand why I so badly wanted to tell you my favourite things to do, see and eat etc so for the next two days Yorkshire is the subject my honeys.

My number one favourite place in probably the whole country (apart from my bed) is Falling Foss, it is a waterfall just outside of Scarborough (yes I know, it’s more classed as North Yorkshire but I am hoping that you will let me off considering it is on the east coast) and it is beautiful. There is a small outdoor tea room called Midge Hall which fits right in to the aesthetic. I can’t even explain to you on a blog post how beautiful it is and as for photos? I seem to not have anything but go see or yourself, it’s is insane (p.s they do cake and they have gluten free options).

Whitby @ Halloween is a must see, for everyone ever. Whitby is famous for being the place in England that Dracula ame into (fictionally obviously) but they take the Halloween tradition extremely seriously and it is an amazing experience because everything is decorated and everyone dresses up. It’s starting to become a trend in this post I just cannot explain to you how amazing it is. You just cannot miss it.

A personal favourite of mine is York City Centre, personally I think the best time to visit is at Christmas but any time of the year the shopping is amazing, the atmosphere is wonerful and walking around to view the beautiful buildings and absorbing all of the history is wonderful, you need to do it. Go book a weekend break (I’ll be your excuse, dont worry).

Skipsea for me is a favourite because I am a massive geography geek, skipsea is a place that has been hit by coastal erosion and it really is breathtaking  to see roads collapsed and a whole community teetering on the edge of a cliff, to think that their whoel lives could be changed it one storm is mindblowing. The land that they worked so hard to pay for is lost every year and this is something I think is crazy. I have been back to Skipsea twice and the change within those 2ish years was just blooming insane. Go take a look, the education it provides is more than an excuse to take a trip to the seaside.

My final pick is something I visited on my most recent trip to Yorkshire and it really was worth it for me. Castle Howard is in the Howardian Hills and in all honesty, I have only visited the gardens but dear lord, there is endless beauty to stare at, amazing food in the restaurant and I imagine a whole world of other instagram opportunities inside also. It is something that will take a lot of energy and time but to really explore is a day trip you will not forget. I am still in awe.

Please please please, if you have any suggestions to add to this, please tell me because I love to explore and try new things in my favourite place. I really am in love with Yorkshire.

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