Monthly Buys

For a while I have been thinking how much of a shame it is that those purchases I make month after month because they are THE BOMB and I cannot live without them. These are the purchases that are so great I cannot bring myself to change them up so without fail, after pay day every month I take my rather large behind down to ASDA and pick them up without a second thought. Some are more recently discovered essentials but all are absolutely bloody brilliant.

First up we have shampoo and conditioner, a must have but the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner are my one and only (p.s the Cleansing Conditioner is the bomb, blog post coming soon on that beauty) they tame my crazy dry hair which is crazy dry thanks to thinking I could go blonde overnight last year, I mean, I did but I am pretty sure I will be dealing with the consequences for a rather long time so for now my hair needs all of the nourishemnt possible. Basically this does the job without breaking the bank and I am yet to find anything like it, it is insanely heavy but my hair is that thirsty that I can deal with it. if you have thick, dry, knotty hair give it a go. I promise miracles.

Next up is coconut oil, now I know I have already done a post about this but after finding the amazing products above I no longer really need cocnut oil for my ahir but it stays in the basket as a firm fave for washing my face ( coconut oil + clean damp flannel = true love, gentle exfoliation and GLOWING skin)  and for shaving my legs because I have dry skin but this makes me as smooth as I don’t even know what but definitely SMOOTHER  than a babies bottom.

To link into my previous item, a gal needs a razor to keep smoothy smooth so as a female, I am not that picky. I pick up a packet of half decent disposable razors and use them as and when. I feel like because I really don’t shave all that often (to the disgust of my mother, strangely) that having a subscription box or a razor that isn’t disposable would work all that much for me. I am completely aware that this is bad for the land waste wise and this is something I have been meaning to look into so if you have any other alternative suggestions I welcome them with open arms.

Now everyone needs tothpaste and I feel like mine would be massively overloked because it has the word ‘smoker’ pasted all over the front and it’s something most people wouldn’t give a second look, especially if you aren’t a smoker (fyi, I am not, well most of the time anyway so I didn’t pick this up for that reason) but it does wonders to whiten my teeth and works really well with my mouthwash to leave my mouth feeling extra clean all day so whatever, I am a fan Pearl Drops sokers Toothpaste, I am a fan.

I am going to go completely out there and say that I don’t know if I should be using this for prolonged use, I have looked into it because it is medicated mouthwash and came up with nothing but this mouthwash is beautiful if you love that clean/can’t taste anything hours after using feeling because I do and I am obsessed. Corsodyl Medicated mouthwash is life.

So my lovelies, those are my failsafe products, what are do you pick up every month?

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