21st Birthday Wishlist

Guess who’s back back, back again, Courtney’s back, tell a friend. Ok so, I apologise now if you are all cringing but I sat down to write this post and it was the first thing that came to mind, that and I am shamelessly Eminem’s number one fan (there’s a secret for ya, except it’s not really a secret because everyone knows). I am back to moan to you about all of the things I am too broke to afford so I thought I would pile it all into a birthday wish list, curse my debt and curse past Courtney who thought she was a baller with her credit card. Bloody idiot.
The absolute number one thing on my list is a selection of the lime crime velvetiness, I was obsessing over these last year but even then I was still too skint (curse my silly spending ways) so I forgot about them, only to be reminded by a beautiful Instagram post (I forgot who’s it was but if it was you then 100% tell me and I will add your name in here because that photo was idyllic) and I’m back to adding all of the colours to my online basket and closing the window before I do something silly, the shades I am particularly lusting after are Cement, Shroom, Teddy Bear, Bleached & Buffy.

NYX Angel Veil Primer is so high up on this blooming list it’s a joke.  I had a benefit primer a couple of years ago that was insane, as in, the glow was REAL! But can I find it anywhere? No I cannot. So this appears to be the closest thing and a load of Youtubers I really love raved about it SO GUESS WHERE IT ENDED UP? Yup, the wish list.

I am sure the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is now owned by absolutely everyone but me and I am bloody jealous. This palette looks like everything you could need and want from a palette especially as next month is September so that means Autumn everything pretty much as soon as my birthday celebrations end. The shades are beautiful, the pigment looks insane and the Instagram opportunities are endless, please birthday fairy. I have been a good girl I promise.

Copper Homeware is so far up this list, I cannot even deal. Me and max are buying a house next year and I am obsessed. There are so many opportunities to add hints of copper but high up my list are pans, bathroom accessories and cute lil’ copper ornaments. I need it all.

A slimmer waist. HA, ok so, I am healthy eating but unless I can drop a stone in 23 days I don’t think this is a possibility but if I do wake up on August 25th with a 28 inch wait I willlllll not be complaining but I think this is deinitely a request fr a birthday fairy.

I have to say, this list was hard to write because at the same time as wanting EVERY make up item possible I dont need it, my colection is as extensive as I can afford and every aspect of my life is so full with love and happiness I don’t really have time or room in my mind to lust after things I dont have.

Thank you for reading.

Very content nearly 21 year old.

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