If We Were Having Coffee August 17

I have been wanting to do this for so long now because I love the idea of catching you guys up on the little bits in my life that don’t necessarily make it into my other blog posts. I originally saw one person do this and thought ‘wow, that’s an amazing idea’ but didn’t know if it was kind of, an original idea so I didn’t want to steal it (you know how it is, as much as I love it the blogging community can be a tad bitchy and I don’t want to copy anyones hard work) but now it seems that everyone is doing it do I am jumping on the blooming bandwagon.

If we were having coffee I would be drinking green tea, maybe even wine if it’s not too early but I would be telling you how nice it was to get my life in order in July. By no means did I take a break but I caught up on a lot of stuff I had neglected due to my busy ass June (see here for what I did) and I did a whole lot of planning for Blogtober and Blogmas. Apart from lots of little blog chores I have been spending lots of time with family, my little sister danced on stage at our local party in the park (I died of pride) and Max actually had an alcoholic beverage which was fun (he doesn’t drink, ever).

If we were having coffee I would tell you (whilst sipping on my green tea) that my birthday arrangements are in full swing and they are stressing me out. I am going to be 21 in August and I am arranging a large family meal. If you knew my family, you would understand the stress but overall I am very excited to have all of the people I love in the same room to celebrate with me (also a couple of days after this I will have finalllllly paid off all of my debt so I will be able to start saving for my house.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am having absolute withdrawal symptoms from Love Island (welcoming any tips from anyone who managed to deal with the heartbreak last year) but I am so happy that I am finally up to date with Game of Thrones and I am watching along with everyone else.

If we were having coffee I would be a blooming excitable mess at the fact I have hit 200 followers on my blog. I know it’s a small amount to some but I am finally getting into a groove with it and this is reflected in my growth of followers and views so thank you everyone for reading my ramblings, it means more than you will ever know.

Finally, if we were having coffee then I would say to keep an eye out for posts every day of this month to celebrate my birthday and get out all of the things I am dying to share with you and keep an eye out as I am planning to bring this back as a feature every month. If we really were having coffee I would not skip away into the sunset because I am so blooming happy.

What’s going on in your life at the moment? I would love to know what you have been upto.

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