Just a lil’ break

As much as I have settled into this new posting schedule, I am rushed off my blooming feet so for my own sanity I have decided to take a month out of scheduled posts and wing it a little. I have come to this decision because as every blogger reading this will know, blogging is so bloody time consuming. After my holiday and just a crazy busy June (click here to see my June plans, it was hectic) I have a to do list as long as my arm so the blog takes a backburner.

I will be sporadically posting tags etc so you don’t forget who I am completely and to make up for my absence in July I have decided to post every day in August because I have so much to share with you, it helps that it’s my birthday month and I will be turning 21 which gives me so many ideas.

If you want to keep in touch feel free to follow me on different social media platforms and we can stay in touch (aka follow me and love me, I love connecting with everyone and I will follow back also)

Facebook – Courtney Lott/Court Does Cosmetics

Twitter – courtneyvlott

Instagram – courtvlott

Snapchat – courtneyvlott

Moving on swiftly, I apologise for the break and I will be back on August 1st with My Birthday Wishlist.

See you then.

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