My Must Have Apps on my iPhone

I have been waiting so long to write this post and in all honesty, I don’t know why I haven’t written it sooner because my phone is my life like any person my age really. I use my phone for everything from managing my social media accounts and tracking my health to blogging and banking so it really is my hub for anything and everything. I have the iPhone 7 in matte black but I can’t lie, it’s a bit scratched up. Like a lot of my lengthier posts recently I have split the sections up to make it easier to talk about and apart from the obvious such as messaging and safari I have four categories that my apps sit in.

The first category has to be social media, I do spend a lot of time scrolling through different platforms and I don’t think I could live without them. I use Facebook mainly for staying attached to people in real life such as family and friends but I prefer to use Twitter, mainly because it annoys me marginally less than Facebook and I love to interact with other bloggers and read post which I don’t really see on Facebook. Instagram is another love of mine, I love liking people’s photographs and seeing people in all of their confidence being told how unreal they look, it’s just a nice place to be really, much nicer than both Facebook and Twitter in my opinion. I also have Snapchat but there isn’t an obsession there, I mean yeah I love a good filter but I can go ages without checking it.

In the name of health, I own a Fitbit (we are pretending it’s not because I just love spending money) so obviously I have the app on my phone which fascinates me in all honesty, I love looking at how I slept and how active I have been that day, it does have a calorie counter but I don’t like using it so I have been using MyFitnessPal and by that I mean I have the app on my phone and like to fool myself into thinking I will use it one day (I don’t like admitting the amount of calories in fried food covered in cheese, it’s too traumatic) and finally, I have Sleep Cycle which is designed to wake you up the best time within your sleep cycle which I found really works but I can’t use it when Max is in bed with me because he sets it off because its motion activated and then it’s pointless so I don’t use it anymore.

I like to be organised so I do try my hardest to keep on top of things, anyone who knows me will know how organised I like to be but I am also a massive scatterbrain though so I do tend to forget stuff so there are apps for that. I have Google Calendar downloaded on my phone because it’s easy to check anywhere which is ideal because I tend to forget/lose diaries so it’s easier for me to have all of that information stored on the internet cause hons, you can’t lose the internet thank goodness. I use countdown plus because I can see everything at a glance and know how long I have to get my shit together before each thing. The next two things are financial based because well, life is expensive. First of all EE, and I can literally hear you say ‘well that’s not financial’ but let me tell you, when EE wants to steal £20 from my bank account because I have run out of data shit gets financial and then obviously my banking app to check how angry my account is at any given time is also handy/heart attack inducing. Finally this app is amazing, it’s call Unroll.Me and I could not live without it, it unsubscribes me from all of those bullshit newsletters and I love it *insert emoji heart eyes here*.

Now how could I write a blog post without adding the colossal list of apps I have to make running a blog easier. The obvious one is WordPress, my blog is on WordPress so this is really handy to have to enable me to look at posts, stats and comments on the go. Crowdfire is an app for monitoring followers on Twitter so it feels kind of obligatory as a blogger to have these apps to frustrate myself every once in a while by looking at any unfollowers I have. Part of blogging is advertising the posts I write so I use Buffer a sa tool to schedule these posts otherwise I would suck (I said that like I don’t suck at scheduling social media posts, spoiler alert: I do suck, a lot) so it makes it easier for advertising because I can do it all at once. Finally the last one is Pages Manager for Facebook. This enables me to do quite a bit to manage my blogs Facebook page but in my opinion the best feature is the checklist for replying to Instagram comments, I can click on to them, reply then click done and it disappears. It’s so helpful, I’m not sure I could live without it.

I only have two apps that don’t really go into a category that I need to tell you about so there is the news obviously, I make sure to read the News apps at least once a day and usually when I wake up so I know what’s going on because although I believe the media scaremongers us massively, I do believe that it is important to keep up with current affairs, you just have to take it all with a pinch of salt.


And last but not least, Wordtrek. Wordtrek is an app that in all honesty, a game. It gives you a selection of letters and you have to work out the word. It’s frustrating but highly addictive; it’s sucked up endless hours of my time.

That’s all my honeys, I couldn’t have lived without my phone in the past month due to all the travelling and hours of boredom so thank god for Apple. If you missed my travelling posts you can catch them Travel Must Haves and Holiday Packing List: Part One. Hope you enjoyed the post and I would love to know what your must have apps are.

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