Cycle Tracking

I have wanted to write this post for the longest time because for me, it’s something I do actively and I feel like I benefit from it hugely, in my opinion every female can benefit from it because it helps so much in the sense of knowing your own body. Cycle tracking is simply following your reproductive cycle for a couple of months whilst noting down your moods, bodily changes, any pains or soreness you feel etc so that you start to realise the pattern your body has and the effects the hormones you have released. Obviously I am not a doctor so not everything here can be medically proven, it’s completely my experience.

The first things to do is to note down the first day of your period as day 1 and count up from there so every time you get your period the cycle starts again, this way you will know how long your cycle takes within a couple of months which will tell you how regular you are, if your cycle varies etc (this can be affected by stress so if one month is out then you can pretty much discount it). Things I like to note are when I am ovulating (which I know because my breasts swell like crazy and I get sharp shooting pains in my lower abdomen), any breast ache, back ache and how my moods are because these are pretty much the only changes I notice within the month but you can note anything you like obviously.

I think the main things to learn are how long your cycle is, how long your period lasts, when in your cycle you ovulate and when your mood is most affected by your hormones. The reproductive system is a beautiful things but sometimes it can feel like it is wreaking havoc with your mind and body, knowing what’s going to happen makes me feel more sane.

A lot of people will do this when trying to have babies because it helps them to know when they are ovulating but I honestly believe that this is such a good tool as a female because it is so important to know your body and feel in control, it helps no end with my mental health also because I can prepare myself for being a moody bitch.

I apologise for the short and maybe even boring post but it is something I feel very strongly about, there is a wealth of information on the internet about it and about how to know what’s going on at each part of your cycle, it really is worthwhile.

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