Travel Must Haves

The last posts I published were about my packing list so I thought it was only right to follow it up with travel must haves and guess what? I go on holiday tomorrow!! I cannot bloody wait so I thought I would share with you what I will be taking in my hand luggage. Much like the previous posts I have sectioned it off into different areas of things because it’s so much easier that way.
P.S The important bits are in bold again if you only fancy skimming through.

I thought we would start with things related to hygiene because travelling is disgusting, especially by plane so I think bringing things such as tissues, hand gel and face wipes is so important not only because you don’t know who has touched those things but I can’t be the only one who has been caught in a toilet with no toilet roll or no soap in the dispenser, it’s a nightmare. Face wipes are also fab for freshening up before landing/getting to your destination.

Next up is things to keep you bloody entertained because travelling can be so bloody boring. I plan to take a book to read, possibly my Macbook depending on my mood, if I feel like writing I’ll bring it along but it’s pretty useless for anything else on a plane. My phone and charger are obvious things because how else am I going to Snapchat (my snapchat is courtneyvlott, cheeky self advertising) my life away on my journey and document the crazy humans that I am going on holiday with? My final thing which you may laugh at is Uno cards because I am the Uno queen and I can’t wait thrash whoever will play me on the plane.

Obviously you need your documents to go on holiday such as passport etc so these things are mega important, when I go away I always take a picture of my passport as well, in case I end up losing it. It is best to keep everything together in a file (apart from the paper copies obviously) but I have my passport, EHIC card, drivers license and travel insurance documents all in one place and the copies in a different place because you never know.

Now the following things are purely for comfort, my number one thing for travelling is a hair band or ten because when I get tired I need to throw my hair up in a bun, it is a complete must for me. Sunglasses are a 100% must have for stepping off the plane into the blinding bloody sun or if you’re on a train journey or car journey its ideal for when the sun is blinding. A hat is also a good shout for this one, completely optional though because I don’t know what my verdict is on travelling in a hat, I feel like it might not be comfortable. If you are going to read then glasses may be necessary.

Travelling can be so dehydrating so make sure you drink lots of water, apply lip balm and moisturiser when possible (Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is amazing for this, I did a review on it the other day) but other than that, sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

P.S If you get sick travel sickness tablets are amazing.

P. S Don’t forget earphones if you want them.

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