Holiday Packing List: Part One

As I was compiling my packing list by trawling through countless websites to make sure I hadn’t missed anything I thought of this post because there are so many posts on the internet that miss stuff out as I am sure I will but I thought, it’s holiday season, why not make it easy? So this list is as comprehensive as I can make it so you might not want to take it all but, well, I like to be prepared.

So to start off, I’m going to put it all in little bitesized chunks of shit you may need to make it easier and the actual items will be in bold so that if this post is too long for you then you can just skim through because I have a feeling this may be a long one alternatively, strap in and grab a snack and I hope you don’t get bored.

The first chunk is Entertainment because although going on holiday is fab & interesting etc sometimes you just want a break and to hide away with a book (if I’m honest I will be reading in the sun most of the time so I’m taking 5 books) so as much reading material as you fancy. Personally I am thinking of taking my Macbook so I can write up some post whilst I am out there but I might change my mind but obviously the Macbook charger will be packed too. I am meaning to pack magazines also but I might just put them in my hand luggage and read them on the plane.

Next up is beach essentials because I ALWAYS forget something so here goes. Beach towel is an obvious one (I’m going to be a bad human and take a normal one because beach towels make me cringe), along with a beach towel you need swimwear obvs and sun cream to protect your skin, please don’t forget to protect your skin, if you don’t do it for health then do it for vanity because sun aged skin is not pretty. I bought the most amazing beach bag to hold it all in from Primark which is neon pink and see through, I love it. Finally some beach shoes, I’m taking flip flops and sliders so I’ll have a bit of choice and don’t forget a bloody hair brush, beaches get windy and it’s so handy.

Obviously I’m going to need to pack some clothes and bear with me because some of them are warm clothes but in all honesty, I personally get cold and I hate being cold so I need some things I can layer for the evenings and if I don’t cold I’m sure my mum or one of my sisters might so I need to pack a scarf, a cardigan or two and a jumper (which I will probably travel in because it’s so comfortable, thank you Primark). Other than the previous my attire will consist of mainly vests/t-shirts and shorts. Apart from the obvious things to pack such as underwear and pyjamas there isn’t much else I will need, maybe a light dressing gown.

Now I am half way through this post and appalled by how long it is, I mean, I know I said it was going to be long but bloody heck, so I’m going to stop this here and finish the rest of my colossal list tomorrow hons. I hope you enjoyed it/remembered something you forgot/didn’t fall asleep and I’ll come back tomorrow with the rest of my crap to take away with you.

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