May Favorites 2017

I really enjoyed writing a favourite’s post last month so I thought it would be fun to do another. I have been OBSESSING over a little more this month that I cannot wait to share with you. I have been shopping a couple of times because I am going on holiday in 10 days so I obviously was tempted into purchasing certain things (I am really bad at self control, just ask my bank balance) and I just cannot wait to show you all.

Primark Cup – Ok, I get it. It’s a cup but it’s a pretty colour, I like the slogan and it holds a fuck load of green tea which I need at the moment because it is literally giving my skin LIFE. It makes drinking tea so much easier because it holds so much, has a straw (the straw is striped, could it get any cuter ?) and basically I like carrying it around as an accessory. Love, love, love it & it was only £3. Thank you Primark, you beauty. If you want to see how pretty it is then head to my Instagram  and have a scroll, you can find me at @courtvlott.

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water – Ok, so for some reason my skin has gone so so dry on my face & I am desperately trying to add the moisture back in so this has been a life saver. It adds an oily sheen, much alike a face oil leaves when you apply it which then sinks into the skin and leaves my face feeling literally so soft. I love it.

Make Up Revolution Banana Powder – Of course this is supposed to a be a dupe for the famed Ben Nye Banana Powder that everyone wants thanks to Kim K and in all honesty, I can drop a fiver on crap so I thought ‘mmmm, what’s the worst that could happen’ and thank goodness I did because I LOVE THIS STUFF. I can’t say I am 100% sure why but I like it better than my NYX Finishing Powder which I used to use for setting my eyes and it just makes my skin look flawless. I can’t pinpoint why this is so amazing (how informative of me) but it is, it does exactly what I want it to for the bargain of £5. Fab-U-lous.

PS Glow Kit– Primark has absolutely blown me away with this one. I have wanted a glow kit for so long but I have a couple of highlighters I love so I just could not justify spending £40 on one so when I saw Imogen Hudson from Imogenation review it and she said it was amazing I knew I had to get one. I went to Primark with my sister and found these tucked away, there was literally one left that wasn’t cracked so it felt like fate to me and oh my lord, love at them swatches my lovelies. I love it, absolutely in love.

Grace & Frankie – If you haven’t watched this then you need to. I absolutely love it. It is completely my humour which is things such as Friends and Modern Family etc. I can go through ways too many episodes in one sitting but it is so addictive, I initially thought I probably wouldn’t like it because of the way it came across in the information on Netflix but Jane Fonda is an absolute babe who looks bloody hot for her age and she bounces off of Lily Tomlin perfectly. I couldn’t stop myself and watched all three seasons in a couple of weeks.

What have you been loving this month?

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