3 Years In

Today marks mine and Max’s 3rd anniversary and I am sorry but how crazy is that? Three years of this man being my best friend and all jokes aside I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I honestly just wanted to write a post to say that, well, relationship are hard. Sometimes they suck dick, sometimes you’ll feel so happy its actually confusing how you heart hasn’t exploded out of your chest and made a mess to rival a set in one of the Saw movies. Relationship can make you wonder why everything is going wrong and why it isn’t like you see it in movies but then there are times that you literally cannot imagine a life without that person.

My relationship is something I try to keep off of social media or my blog in the sense of any issues we have because I don’t feel that it is something that everyone needs to know about but I do think that it’s worth noting that every single couple on earth, no matter how good their relationship looks can get tough and that’s because relationships take work and people are lazy.

It’s bloody hard no matter whether you gel well enough or not, some people can’t work it out and some people can but I find that a lot of people, especially females are shocked to find that other couples argue on a regular basis, I know me and Max do. To be perfectly honest I think we probably bicker more than the average couple but there is such a level of respect in the sense that we have never called each other names etc that our arguments are always pretty manageable but it’s taken us three bloody years to get there.

I guess what my ramblings are trying to get across is, if you’re in a rut then talk talk and talk a little more. Respect each other and know that every other couple in the world has their struggles but it is the best feeling knowing your best friend is by your side and if you don’t feel that way then don’t be scared to leave. This is your life, your time on earth.

Just a side note, I fucking love my boyfriend. He is my best friend, the light of my life and the thought of losing him makes me feel sick. We have 100% had ups and downs, probably worse than average but we love and respect each other so it makes it easy to sit down and sort it out because he is the only person I see in my future and I cannot wait to be an adult with the most fun, interesting and inspiring man-child I know.

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