June Preview 2017

Ok, so I thought I would write this lil post to let you know that June is going to be the definition of CRAZY so I thought I would let you know what to expect so you know what the fuck I’m doing so you don’t think I’m being ignorant, not that I’m not lazy as hell when it comes to replying anyway (I am sorry hons, I love you really) so yes, let’s get straight into it.

Tomorrow is mine and Max’ three year anniversary, now if you have been reading the blog/ following me on social media from the start you will know it hasn’t always been the best time but we are so happy at the moment and plan to be for a bloody long time and have started making plans to buy a house so we are mage happy to be celebrating so tomorrow we are going to the zoo (my FAVOURITE activity) and then Saturday he is surprising me so I have no clue what we are doing but I am so excited! See these are the points in my life that I feel like vlogging would be so much fun but I have about one exciting day a month so that is blooming pointless but I will documenting like a mad lady on Snap & Insta so feel free to stalk me on there (Snap:courtneyvlott & Insta:courtvlott) AKA please stalk me on there and I will love you forever.

After this weekend, I have a full week at work which is going to be from Sunday to Thursday so not too bad but then I’ll have to pack my bags for the first time this month as I am travelling to Yorkshire for my Nan’s birthday and I am crazy excited. Apart from being 100% sure that Yorkshire is my spirit home I will be meeting my cousin this weekend for the first time ever. Due to not speaking to my Dad and everyone else on my Dad’s side living at least a three hour drive away I don’t get to see them anywhere near as much as I would like so times like these are so, so special.

I have the day off on the Monday so I will be washing and packing ready to fly out to Spain with my family on Wednesday 14th. Monday will be a day full of prep such as lashes, sun beds etc because I’ll be back at work the next day.

I am so very excited for Wednesday 14th because me and 15 family members are heading out to some rented apartments in Salou, I have such a huge family on my mum’s side and to get us all in the same room is pretty much impossible so to be together for a whole week is going to be pure chaos and I cannot wait.

We get back on Wednesday 21st June and after a week away from Max, I am not planning on leaving his side for pretty much the rest of the month so it tapers off there but bloooooooming hell it’s going to be a crazy busy month. Posts are scheduled for every Tuesday and Friday but I might sneak in a few holiday posts if I get 5 minutes. Let me know if there are any posts you want to see.

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